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May, 2020



When you use Whereto2. This app will immediately direct you via the shortest route to the best and finest user approved public restroom. There are times in life when the most important thing in the world is a good, clean, public restroom. But where are they in times of excruciating pain and potential horrendous embarrassment? Wouldn’t you like to know? And wouldn’t you like to know RIGHT NOW?!!! Whereto2 is the answer. There are great universal truths of galaxy shaking importance, but none is greater than this- When you gotta go- you gotta go! So the question that follows this truth is WHERE!!!??? Every single living soul has faced the awful dilemma. In the times of immense and uncontrollable need can you accept any pot in a storm? Might you be faced with entering a public restroom at the risk of possibly your life and certainly your diginity? Not to mention the potential for contracting a deadly bacterial infection or a fatally assaulted sense of smell? Whereto2 says NO! Let’s just come right out and say it, “Diarrhea is not good!” But your odds of experiencing it in public are 100%. Need a restroom? Need it now? Whereto2 shows you where to and how to get there. Public restrooms rated and ranked by people just like you who have been faced with poohing their pants. Dinner before the show? No problem. If your digestive system processes like lightning, don’t worry. Whereto2 will protect you with critical bathroom information. Sudden onset of the flue bug? Whereto2 will save you. No way you’re going to make it home? Save your car’s upholstery and your reputation. Whereto2 tells you exactly where to pull over. When your bowels experience an attack, fight back with Whereto2. No matter what your stomach tries to do to you, go in confidence with Whereto2. The “where to crap app!”

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