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Jan, 2020



If you give up your dreams because of doubts, then you are destined to be a soulless person. Mr. Kenji is a soul free person since he was a child, because he dreamed of becoming a game developer from an early age. With indomitable persistence, Mr. Ken 2 learned a full set of game development skills such as planning, art, programming, etc., and began to draw his first independent game dream: an unusual mobile parkour game, with random and sweet Note. Paper planes in your hands, separated, aggregated. With the rhythm of the piano moving forward, crossing the obstacles on the road, let the hurdles turn into the melody of the accompaniment. Developer's words: This is a game that can treat handcuffs. One (or three) planes are surrounded by darkness, and you need to fly forward according to the light guide, but be careful of the sudden appearance of the roadblocks, and you may be smashed if you don't pay attention! Small tips: Appropriate abandonment of an aircraft, may fly farther. Operation skills: 1. Press and hold the screen, the aircraft is divided into three; (suitable to avoid obstacles, strings and other obstacles) 2. Release your finger: the plane is combined into one; (suitable to avoid the pit) 3. Slide your finger: the airplane rotates; (you can adjust the orientation to avoid obstacles)

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