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How to Design a Killer Ad Creative for a Finance App

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As you scan through your newsfeed, you come upon an amateur ad creative design. Getting started with ad design isn’t easy. If you’re doing it for a finance app, there is a great deal to think about.

The importance of ad design is that it visually conveys and presents your business to the general audience. You can have a fantastic product and a fantastic deal, but if your ad is visually ugly, confusing, or just plain dull, it will be difficult to gain traction.

How to create a great ad design for a Finance App:

A perfect finance ad creative should:

  • draw the readers’ attention
  • inform them about who you are and what you offer
  • instruct them on how to take the next crucial step toward conversion

Here are the ad design secrets that will have you creating successful ad campaigns in no time.

1. Keep your ad format in mind

You must first determine the ad format you will use before diving into the nitty-gritty details of how an ad will appear. MobileAction’s Ad Intelligence shows ad creatives in nine different ad formats, all of which are tailored to particular marketing objectives.

These ad formats include:

Video, Image, Interstitial, Interactive, Banner, Rewarded, End card, Carousel, Medium rectangle, which is a pretty good amount of coverage combined with the number of mobile ad networks provided. A carousel can be used to show off your new products or creatively tell a story. 

This ad format is primarily used in the Food and Drink category, and it is hard to come across for a Finance App.

mobile creative formats
Different Mobile Ad Formats

Consider how each of these ad styles can help you enhance the effectiveness of your ads before you begin the design process. Carousel or collection advertising, for example, could be a suitable fit if you have a vast range of products to display. If you want to demonstrate how your product works, a video or story ad may be the way to go.

When creating your ad, you need to think about which ad type will work best for your objectives. Remember that you can employ a range of adverts; there’s no need to limit yourself to just one!

2. The location of advertisements should influence the design

Ad placement determines the amount of space you have, and designing without ad specs in mind can be disastrous. To choose the best ad placement to become one of the best finance apps, you should know your options. 

olymp trade finance app creatives
Different languages used in Olymp Trade’s Creatives

3. Be explicit about your value offer and call to action

Design your ad to grab their attention by building your value prop into your image and keeping your CTA clear and to the point.

We can see this strategy in play in this ad from Libertex, a trading app.

libertex finance app creative
Libertex’s Ad Creative

Libertex uses color contrast and bold lettering. An intense CTA brief, “We Spot the Opportunity, You Take It!” immediately grabs your attention with a “Download Today” button directing traffic to their landing page.

This ad from FxPro uses the same tactic as Libertex: a clear value prop and a concise CTA in the image.

fxpro finance app creative

Readers are drawn to the text that there is “Fund your secure FxPro Wallet with 0% commission” The added “Best Mobile Application” is an excellent added value to push users towards downloading the app.

When creating ads, keep in mind that you have only a few seconds to impress your audience. Make the most of your time by emphasizing your value proposition and keeping your call to action straightforward.

4. Make sure the landing page matches your ad

Colors, fonts, and picture groupings should all share the same design components across the ad and the landing page. These resemblances give readers the impression that the landing page is a continuation of the ad they clicked on rather than something entirely new. Furthermore, the ad’s promised content is featured on the landing page, and the CTA remains the same.

Make sure you include common elements in your ad and landing page so that users can quickly move from the ad creative to the App Store. Getting viewers to click on your ad is difficult enough. Be careful with the last step before the install. 

binoma app store
binomo creative
Binomo’s Ad Creative

5. Make sure your image sizes are correct

When you’ve finished developing your ad, double-check that your images or videos are the right size and aspect ratio. Images or movies that have been improperly prepared may be distorted, blurry, or difficult to see.

youhodler creative dimension
YouHodler’s Creative Dimension Distributions

6. Select the appropriate photos

You must carefully select images or make custom-made images to grab your readers’ attention and tell a story about your product.

Some tips you should include:

  • Use a high-resolution image
  • Showcase your service
  • Keep the text amount minimum
  • Bring the idea into sharp focus
experian creative
Experian’s Ad Creative

7. Think about color psychology and how you may use it to your advantage

First, grab the eyes of readers by using contrast. Second, define your brand identity.

Another best color practice for producing ad creative for a finance app is to keep things basic. To achieve the most remarkable results, attempt to limit your ad to two or three colors. It can become overwhelming if you have more than that.

We can see how complementary hues of blue are employed in this example from to make the photo in the center genuinely pop. Because you wouldn’t know where to focus your attention if there were more colors, the ad would be less effective. creative’s Ad Creative

Colors are one of the most significant elements in an ad designer’s toolbox, so they should be used with care and consideration. Your adverts will profit much if you can achieve that while keeping it basic.

8. Create design suits for a Finance App

Making your movies and graphics vertical, so they run better on phones is one of the simplest ways to consider mobile-first.

Use vertical videos in mobile adverts to make the most of a standard phone screen. It’s preferable to reduce the text to a minimum so that the ad creatives can speak for themselves.

It takes us on a journey throughout the world, with full-screen creative doing the talking. This advertisement succeeds because it keeps things simple and uses challenging immersive ad creative to remind viewers of the excitement that is only a second away.

It doesn’t make sense to recycle your desktop advertisements when so many people use social media on mobile devices. 

acorn creative
Acorn’s Ad Creative

9. Conduct A/B testing to determine the best creative ad design for your Finance App

It will always be difficult to forecast how the audience will react to an advertisement, no matter how much you do or how much you learn. Split testing allows advertisers to determine which version of an ad performs best, allowing them to learn and improve in the future.

webull creative count
Webull’s Ad Creative Counts


Having a relatable, trustworthy, creative financial ad is crucial to your financial service business. We hope you enjoyed this article where we took the perspective of a finance app!

You must be sure that you consider all nine elements we went over when creating an ad creative for your finance app. You should customize your ad creatives to your liking with your details, brand colors, logo, and more!

Don’t forget to be inspired by all the significant financial service ads examples, and schedule a demo with us and start promoting your financial service today! 

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