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[Product Update] Keyword Suggestion – Improved!

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At Mobile Action, we have 2 primary goals: Data Accuracy and User Experience!

As you are already aware, we only recently updated our Market Intelligence model – making our Market Intel data extremely accurate and reliable.

Right now we have turned our attention towards optimizing user experience on our dashboard. We plan on improving all our features to be even more user friendly as well as optimize them for their functionality.

Our Keyword Suggestion is just the first of many features on our dashboard to go through this makeover. Not only we have given it a completely fresh new look but we have also improved the quality of suggestions you are provided with.

We’ll constantly be updating you with every new feature update that goes live, so stay tuned!

All of your product and feature requests/feedback are forwarded directly to the Product Team by our Customer Success Team. So do not hesitate in reaching out to our Customer Success Team if you have any ideas or suggestions. They would be happy to hear what new features and changes you would like to see on our platform!

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Keyword Suggestion – Revamped

Mobile Action's old Keyword Suggestion page.
The old Keyword Suggestion page

This feature has proven to be very useful for users as it has helped them identify the best keywords that would increase organic downloads for their apps. For the reason that, the keyword suggestions that we provide you with are tailored for your app – given its competitors and the country of your interest.

Since our Keyword Suggestion has been a very popular feature amongst you, we decided to begin with refurbishing and revamping it first. With the help of your input and suggestions we were able to make it even more user friendly and efficient.

We are excited about the unveiling of the new and improved Keyword Suggestion page and hope that all of you make the most of it!

What’s new!?

Mobile Action's new Keyword Suggestion page.
The new Keyword Suggestion page

With the new updates you will not have to move back and forth between ‘Keyword Suggestion’ and ‘Competitor Tracking’ to add or change competitors! Previously, our Keyword Suggestion provided you with a list of keywords based on what competitors you were tracking under ‘Competitor Tracking’. Now you’ll be able to add and change competitors, as well as receive keyword suggestions for your app … All On The Same Page. No more hassle!

This makes getting a variety of different suggestions extremely easy as the recommendations you receive for keywords depend on the app competitors you are tracking. So make sure you try different combinations of competitors to generate countless suggestions for your app. That way, you’ll be able to select the best ones based on their Search Score, Chance and Total Apps values provided for you on our dashboard.

Moreover, instead of showing your apps ranking as we previously did, we now show you the rankings of each of the competitors you are tracking. Being able to see their ranking for the keywords we suggest, along with the fresh new look of the page, makes it rather easy to identify keywords you should begin incorporating in your keyword optimization strategy.

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Ranking of competitors for keyword "Raceing games".
The ranking of competitor apps for the keyword “Raceing games”, for which our app does not rank

Along with the UI improvements, we have also revamped our algorithms to provide you with better suggestions. You are now provided with a list of tailored suggestions – picked from a database of 5 million keywords.

So head on over and try out our new Keyword Suggestion feature to guarantee that you never overlook or miss out on important keywords that your app currently does not rank for.

Leave no stones unturned in your quest to increase your organic downloads as getting the very best tailored keyword suggestions for your app is now only a click away!

– Mobile Action Team

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