Blog Creative Testing on the App Store: Best Practices from Lingokids

Creative Testing on the App Store: Best Practices from Lingokids


App marketing is more than one-sided. That is why app store optimization and organic growth should go hand in hand with paid strategies. Only then you can have a comprehensive mobile user acquisition strategy like Lingokids.

Naturally, our Ad Intelligence tool becomes an invaluable asset for building your creative strategies. It provides you with information about not only the market trends but also how your competitors are positioning themselves within the mobile advertising environment. 

In this blog post, we will take a look at the tactics Lingokids employed to succeed in the App Stores. Today, they are one of the biggest brand names within the Education category. 

lingokids visibility

Lingokids is an education app with a play learning concept for helping kids learn up to 72 topics, improving their communication skills.

Lingokids app profile

We can see the aggressive paid growth efforts when we take a closer look, which allowed them to reach 37th place in the Top Advertisers charts.

Lingokids utilizes 8 different ad networks, 13K ad publishers, and creative A/B testing as we can see in the number of creatives. The ratio of active creatives to total creatives allows us to judge an app’s creative A/B testing efforts.

Top Education App Publishers

Monkimun Inc as Lingokids’ publisher has a great creative strategy in the United States storefront for the education category.  It’s the third top app publisher in the education category according to their impressions score.

Since it is an app that is active in 43 different countries aiming to teach English to kids, they have adjusted their Apple Search Ads strategy accordingly. We can see that Lingokids is the only app bidding on specific keywords in different countries. For example, they are the only app bidding on the keyword ‘learn’ in Russian. 

While Lingokids don’t change the content of the creative generally, they modify the titles, subtitles, and colors, and other elements of their creatives as we can see in the following creatives.

Some Creatives From Lingokids

Lingokids creatives

In the below video, you can see one of Lingokids creatives. They translate their creatives into the local languages and test out which of their ads performing better. This way, they are able to find successful creatives and apply them to other regions. To summarize, we can see that Lingokids is trying to optimize many different variables to achieve the best results.

Age of Learning Inc.

Now we can take a look at the strategy of one of Lingokids competitors. Age of Learning is the top app publisher in our Ad Intelligence tools amongst education apps.

One of their popular apps has a strong ranking of 102 on the Top Advertisers List.

Their creatives are targeted both at children and their parents. They accomplish this by using a variety of different content.

Probably one of the most efficient ways to increase conversion is showing the right creatives to the users. and creating the right expectations.

In this case, we can see that is targeting both parents and children. As both of these groups are capable of downloading their app, we can claim that this approach makes sense.

As we say at the beginning, marketing your app is more than one-sided. With the right app marketing tools, you can make it a whole lot easier! Schedule a free demo with us to see how to improve your creative strategy and start building your campaigns! 

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