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Yarkın Tepe
Hey horror enthusiasts and mobile gamers, gather around because we’re diving into the success story of Five Nights at Freddy’s on your pocket-sized screens! ...
Yarkın Tepe
Some success stories stand out as remarkable. Last week, we brought you the tale of EPIK – AI Photo Editor’s sensational success in our...
Yarkın Tepe
Led by celebrities and influencers, social media users are embracing nostalgia by sharing new yearbook-style photos, but there’s no need to revisit school for...
Yarkın Tepe
Welcome to the world of mobile app advertising, where innovation knows no bounds, and the only constant is change. As we step into the...
Talip Sencan
From the moment Apple announced the changes that would come to the App Store at the WWDC, app marketers started looking for ways to...
Talip Sencan
What is the one rule of Barney Stinson? No, the other one. The one that says, new is always better. Well, we don’t know...
Talip Sencan
How do you prepare yourself for the holiday season? Perhaps by putting a little hat on, exchanging gifts, changing locations, or maybe even by...
Halime Dogan
The pandemic has greatly changed our shopping habits. During this time, food delivery apps quickly became one of the most in-demand types of applications....

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