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App Store Weekly Digest #17

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Leaked TikTok ad deck suggests it has 17M+ MAUs in Europe

An advertising pitch deck used by fast-growing short form video sharing app TikTok has leaked, providing a snapshot of usage in its biggest markets in Europe.

The pitch deck was obtained by Digiday which says it was sent to a large (unnamed) European ad agency.

Metrics and gender breakdowns for the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy are included in the deck. The slides are dated November 2018.

Germany and France come out as the top European markets for the video sharing app, according to the deck, with 4.1M+ and 4M+ monthly active users respectively, and an average of 6.5BN and 5BN video views.

Google intros a pair of Android accessibility features for people with hearing loss

Google this morning unveiled a pair of new Android features for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. As the company notes in a blog post this morning, the WHO estimates that 900 million people will be living with hearing loss by 2055. The ubiquity of mobile devices — Android in particular — offers a promising potential to help open the lines of communication.

Facebook plans new products as Instagram Stories hits 500M users/day

During today’s Q4 2018 earnings call, Zuckerberg outlined several areas where Facebook will push new products this year:

  • Encryption and ephemerality will be added to more features for security and privacy
  • Messaging features will make Messenger and WhatsApp “the center of [your] social experiences”
  • WhatsApp payments will expand to more countries
  • Stories will gain new private sharing options
  • Groups will become an organizing function of Facebook on par with friends & family
  • Facebook Watch will become mainstream this year as video is moved there from the News Feed, Zuckerberg expects
  • Augmented and virtual reality will be improved, and Oculus Quest will ship this spring
  • Instagram commerce and shopping will get new features

Facebook’s VPN app puts spotlight on kids’ consent


Facebook could face fresh scrutiny in Europe following a TechCrunch report on its use of a VPN app to monitor people’s smartphone activity — including teenagers as young as 13.

The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) told us it’s asked Facebook to provide more information on what data is collected via the market research program, codenamed ‘Project Atlas’, so that it can determine whether there are grounds for further investigation.

Uber driven out of Barcelona again

Uber is suspending its professional taxi service in Barcelona from tomorrow almost a year after it re-entered the Catalan capital.

The move follows the regional government agreeing new regulations for the vehicle for hire (VTC) sector aimed at making sure they do not compete directly with taxis.

Plaid expands financial service API to include all US banks

Plaid, developers of financial services APIs, has been helping developers connect an app to a major US bank account for several years, but today they expanded that API to include all US banks, including smaller banks that might not have as advanced technology.

Account linking could make Instagram the heir to Facebook Login



Instagram has prototyped the “Main Account” feature that would let users set one of their profiles as a primary account and then link their other accounts to it. Logging into the main account would instantly log them in to the rest, as well. From then on, users would only need to remember a single email/username and password combo. Simpler login could get people switching accounts, posting and engaging more with Instagram.

Mobile shoppers making more purchases in-app than on web


Mobile shoppers made 108% more purchases in-app than on the mobile web over the holidays, according to a new study by Button, the mobile commerce partnerships platform.

Overall, mobile accounted for 51% of all holiday shopping traffic and 30% of sales. That amounts to roughly $38.8 billion, which represents a 55% revenue increase from mobile over the last 12 months. Importantly, the findings highlight that mobile is no longer just an added tactic, but instead a strategic option for businesses.

Instagram accounts for 27% of Facebook ad revenues


Instagram accounted for 27% of Facebook’s ad revenue in Q4 2018, according to data from Merkle. The rise marks an 8 percentage point increase from Q3. Instagram appears to have tripled its 9% share of Q1, according to the latest Digital Marketing Report Q4 2018.


  • Fintech app Acorns hits $860m valuation after raising $105m

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