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App Store Weekly Digest #3 – October 23, 2018

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This week’s App Store Weekly Digest is again curating the most memorable app world news of the week.

Focuses are on Google’s recent decision to charge device manufacturers with a license fee in Europe, and recent surveys and statistics about where the app business and mobile advertising is going at. You can directly go to the news sources by clicking in the ‘Source’ link beneath the headlines. Enjoy!

Apple highlights major app developers adopting Siri Shortcuts


Apple is promoting apps which have integrated the new Siri Shortcuts feature, which was introduced in the latest iOS 12 software for its mobile devices.

Google Play accounts for the 70% of global app downloads


google play store search

A recent report states also that Japan is the most spending country on Google Play and many other insights about the 10-year-anniversary of Google Play.

Google will start charging Android device makers a fee for using its apps in Europe


Google is changing the way it licenses its suite of Android apps in Europe, leading the company to charge a licensing fee for the Play Store and other Google apps for the first time.

The changes come in response to a July ruling by the European Commission, which fined the company $5 billion for antitrust violations and ordered it to stop “illegally tying” Chrome and search apps to Android.

35% of US businesses now use targeted mobile ads


Over a third (35.5%) of US companies are now using mobile adverts and location targeting to reach audiences based on geo-fencing and geo-targeting, according to new research by BIA Advisory Services.

Apple Search Ads estimated to take $2b revenue by 2020


Apple’s Search Ads found in the App Store could be worth $2b by 2020, according to Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi, who spoke to CNBC. Currently, the Search Ads are expected to make Apple around $500m in 2018.

App developers are now spending 31% of their app budgets on marketing


The majority of companies (88%) believe that their apps have been a financial success by providing a return on development, according to survey findings by The Manifest.

Having spoken to 301 companies, the study also found that the majority of app developers and marketers now spend over 31% of their app budget on marketing. Indeed, businesses have begun to realise just how instrumental marketing is in launching an app.

Instagram hits growth spurt among US users in 2018


13.1% more people in the US will be using Instagram this year, according to new data released by eMarketer. The analytics firm predicts that 104.7 million people in the US or 31.8% of the population are Instagram users in 2018.

Microsoft’s new expense tracker Spend hits the App Store


The team behind mileage-tracking app MileIQ, a company Microsoft acquired a few years ago, is out with a new application. This time, the focus isn’t on tracking miles, but rather expenses. The new app, simply called “Spend,” arrived on the App Store on Thursday, offering automatic expense tracking for work reimbursement purposes or for taxes.

Google improves Android App Bundles and makes building Instant Apps easier



Google  is launching a number of new features for Android app developers today that will make it easier for them to build smaller apps that download faster and to release instant apps that allow potential users to trial a new app without having to install it.


  • Smule raises $20M, with plans to expand India operations
  • Instacart raises another $600M at a $7.6B valuation
  • Middle East ride-hailing app Careem bags $200m in new funding round
  • Student property app bubbleStudent raises over £400k

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