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App Store Weekly Digest #6 – November 13, 2018

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With its ever-changing structure, the app world is providing us noteworthy news and insights each week, and we are continuing to curate the most prominent ones of them each week. The 6th issue of App Store Weekly Digest is offering news on the recent Google Developer Conference, featuring new UI breakthroughs in devices, and non-stop increases in the mobile ad spend and new acquisitions in that space.

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In-App Update is Coming to Android – it’ll be possible to get an update while using the app


At today’s Android Dev Summit, Google announced a new set of features as part of the Android App Bundle tool, including an In-app Updates API that will allow developers to more aggressively nudge users to download the latest version of an app.

Adjust launches improved version of mobile benchmarking tool


Adjust, the mobile measurement and fraud prevention company has presented an updated version of its mobile benchmarking tool to feature more sophisticated measurement metrics as well as access to a larger range of data.

The updated tool seeks to empower mobile marketers to improve their understanding of the mobile ad landscape by tapping into key performance indicators and mobile user session data.

UK mobile drives search spend – digital ad spend up 6.4% during Q2 2018


UK online advertising spend continues to grow, rising 6.4% to  £5.6 billion in Q2 2018, according to the latest Expenditure Report by WARC and the Advertising Association.

Mobile accounted for half of search spending. Display formats grew rapidly with online video attracting half a billion pounds during the second quarter.

Google’s Files Go hits 30 million users and is getting a new name


Google is renaming Files Goits lightweight files app for phones with limited storage, to “Files by Google” to reflect that the app works no matter what kind of phone you’re on — and to potentially propel it to further success.

The year-old app is now used by 30 million people each month, according to Google, and it says that plenty of people outside of the app’s target demographic have been using it, prompting this change.

WeChat reaches 1M mini programs, half the size of Apple’s App Store


pony ma

They may not be widely known outside of China, but Tencent’s mini program initiative to develop “apps” that live outside of app stores is bearing fruit after it clocked two notable landmarks: 200 million daily users and one million apps.

In recent years, Tencent’s WeChat  messaging app has blossomed into a universe of its own with myriad services that span from food delivery to getting loans. But the Chinese messaging app wants to lock users in for longer — and its mini program scheme appears to show promise.

Google says Android will natively support ‘foldables’ to limit fragmentation


Google is officially announcing support for a category of Android devices it’s decided to call “Foldables.” Speaking today at the Android Developer Summit, VP of engineering Dave Burke said that Google is “enhancing Android to take advantage of this new form factor with as little work as necessary.” But as of right now, those enhancements are mostly just guidance for developers to start using already-existing features that are built into Android.

Samsung’s new One UI software will make giant phones much easier to use


Today at its developer conference, Samsung showcased what it calls One UI and kicked off a new approach to the user experience on Samsung smartphones. One UI contains some new visual flair including more rounded corners, splashes of color across apps, and redesigned icons. But its main purpose is to relieve the repetitive stress our hands endure in today’s world of giant phones.

Vine’s successor Byte launches next spring


Vine lives, according to co-creator Dom Hofmann. The entrepreneur, who’s been working on and off on a spiritual successor to the now-defunct short-form video app, says the proper sequel will be called Byte, and it’s coming in spring 2019.

Ad fraud in APAC markets to cost advertisers $56 billion by 2022

Advertising fraud in the APAC region is predicted to cost advertisers roughly $56 billion by 2022, according to new research from TrafficGuard, the fraud detection company.

The prediction marks an increase of $19 billion from 2018.

Although marketers are beginning to recognize and take action on advertising fraud, the volume across the entire APAC market region remains high with some lesser known impacts of ad fraud potentially hitting them.

AdRoll Group acquires Growlabs to bolster B2B marketing insights


AdRoll Group, the data-based marketing firm, has acquired Growlabs, a business-to-business lead generation start-up in an effort to expand its daughter RollWorks that focuses on lead-generation marketing campaigns.

Tapjoy acquires Tapdaq to expand app monetisation options


Tapjoy, the mobile advertising and monetisation platform, just announced that it has acquired Tapdaq, the ad mediation and app monetisation provider.

The move aligns with Tapjoy’s vision to expand app tools to monetise mobile content and audiences.

Oath adds programmatic audio inventory to ad suite


Oath, the Verizon-owned advertising company, has just announced the addition of programmatic audio inventory to its Ad Platforms products.

Advertisers will be able to use the Ad Platforms DSP to target podcast and audio listeners. The inventory for Oath’s latest addition is being supplied by SoundCloud and Targetspot.


  • Photomath raises $6 million for its math-solving app.
  • AI marketing analytics startup gets $1.6m funding
  • Urban transport mobile app Transit drives off with $17.5m in funding
  • Portify bags £1.3m for gig economy finance app

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