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How to Optimize iOS Screenshots for ASO

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Welcome to the article series of ‘How to Optimize the Screenshot in ASO’

In the first series, you will manage to obtain the essentials and basics of an app screenshot.
What is the significance of a screenshot? What are the dynamics? What are the key points to optimize a valuable screenshot?
By the end of this article, you will be able to answer these and other similar questions.

So let’s get started!

In numerous opinions, a screenshot is the most crucial yet underrated and underestimated factor that directly affects the salability of an app. It is the first impression you have on the potential customer and if you do not optimize it, and since there are no tools to acquire such data to do this except manually testing it, you might directly lose customers without ever knowing the reason why.

A screenshot is like a trailer of a movie, or the photo on an album cover. It tells you what it is about, how it works and how it will help you in just a single glance. Furthermore, there are some screenshots of certain apps that are so good that you don’t even feel the need to read the description. Well, in such cases, those screenshots are pure gold!

 Just as an example, we can take a look at one specific application: Post it by 3M Company. Now, it is a little unnecessary to explain in detail what the application is about since the content is comprehensible from the icon and the name.


Above, we can see a screenshot of the Post-it application. It can be seen from the screenshot that you can digitally place Post-It notes in your mobile to remind yourself about your upcoming plans.Very precise, very promising and very clear. It looks like reading the description is no longer an obligation.

Now, there are some pinpoints that you might want to consider scoping if you want to build an application with a fully optimized screenshot which serves its purpose.

Every Screenshot Matters

Every app store gives you a limitation on the number of screenshots. Use it to the fullest. Since this is one form of presentation of your application, be sure to promote your app via screenshots and while doing so, make sure each screenshot shows a different feature of your app.

Keyword Optimization

As mentioned earlier there are limitations for your descriptions, so you need to apply ASO principles. To be able to do that, you need to add a brief explanation with your target keywords – just a line of text that will explain and advertise the product you offer will do.

The Hierarchy of Screenshots

Not all of your screenshots carry the same importance. The first one is the striker, the others are just the backup for the first.You would probably recall people around you talking about the importance of the introduction of a book.

Some might even quit reading a book if they don’t like the introductory word. Well, your screenshots are like the introductions and your first screenshot is the introductory word.

Make it so the potential does not even feel the need to look at your other screenshots since the first one is so well-optimized…

No Restrictions

Your main goal is to attract users, so use that feature for the advantage of the app. Your screenshots have to exist, but the content of the screenshot may differ.

There are specific measurements and dimensions, but for example, place notes at the side of your screenshot to promote the features of your app.

This is a screenshot from the Asana application. You can see that they have optimized their screenshot to attract potentials.

The world of ASO is limitless. Every single day, you will be learning a new thing and in a twinkling of an eye, it will be yesterday’s news.

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3 Replies to “How to Optimize iOS Screenshots for ASO”

  1. Best way to test screenshots are on A/B testing platforms for apps like TestNest ( It’s free to sign up, and your first experiment is free. Plus, the analytics will tell you everything you need to know (which variant converted, which one was skipped, etc.).

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