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How SK Planet Went From 0 to Top 10 Keywords

See how we helped the TicToc app get Top 10 rankings for keywords that are vital to their ASO. These improved rankings also helped...
3 1 min read

How StubHub Achieved Top 10 Rankings in The App Store

Learn how we were able to get the StubHub app into the Top 10 by using our industry knowledge. Here's what we did...
0 1 min read

Best Practices Guide to Using App Names as Keywords

Want to use the name of an app from another publisher in your ASO keywords? You might want to think again. Here's what you...
0 2 min read

Case Study: How to Spot Fake iOS App Store Reviews

Have you been the victim of a negative, fake review campaign? Here's a few things to look for and how you can prevent it...
0 2 min read