Blog How SK Planet Went From 0 to Top 10 Keywords

How SK Planet Went From 0 to Top 10 Keywords

SK Planet

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Case Study Details

  • Timeframe: 1 month
  • Methods: Enterprise Solution App Store Optimization and Competitor Tracking
  • Goals: Top 10 Ranking, Loyal/Engaged Users

Case Study Results

  • Category Ranking: #152 to #1
  • Overall Ranking: #1,353 to #4
  • Jumped Ahead of: Viber & Skype

Here’s How We Got Those Results…

After acquiring 10 million users in South Korea, SK Planet’s free text, call, and file sharing app TicToc was ready for a new chapter- international expansion. As their newest app user acquisition partner, Mobile Action implemented a plan to increase their international visibility.

tictoc logoWe gathered our analysis and creative teams to figure out the best way to attack the challenge. One of the most impactful changes we made were to TicToc’s English and Turkish keywords.

Since we know these markets especially well, this was the ideal place to start.

Working closely with the TicToc team, we targeted keywords to maximize organic traffic, completely bypassing paid acquisition. This saved them a lot of money.

Organic acquisition can sometimes take a little time to see results, but can also have longer lasting results, since traffic will dry up soon after you stop paying for ads.

But in this case, our work had immediate impact.

One week from replacing their keywords, the results were obvious. In the chart below, we can see the changes in app ranking per keyword.

The app was not ranking for any of these keywords before we started working with them. But after the changes, they ranked in the top 10 for all of these keywords.

keywords ranking tictocThe increased app ranking per keyword correlates extremely well with the app rank in Turkey.

Although the keywords in our example above are for the U.S. market, we had similar results with Turkish keywords and quickly rose to the top of the search results.

What’s Next…

Next up, we will continue monitoring for app store optimization, and move on to product iteration. If necessary, we will also get into paid app promotion.


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