Blog How StubHub Achieved Top 10 Rankings in The App Store

How StubHub Achieved Top 10 Rankings in The App Store

StubHub app

StubHub app

Case Study Details

  • Timeframe: 2 months
  • Methods: App Store Optimization + App Promotion + Virality
  • Goals: Top 10 Ranking, Loyal/Engaged Users, More Reviews, Maintained Growth

Case Study Results

  • Category Ranking: #150 to #6
  • Overall Ranking: #995 to #53
  • App Reviews: +1,000
  • Jumped Ahead Of: LinkedIn and Amazon

StubHub Case StudyHere’s How We Got Those Results…

A well-established brand doesn’t necessarily mean success in the app world. What do you do when your website success doesn’t translate into mobile app success?

The market is really noisy and you have to utilize very specific strategies to stand out.

To their app to a Top 10 ranking, we worked with StubHub to polish their user acquisition strategy through:

  • ASO
  • App promotion
  • Leveraging their existing database

App Store Optimization

To outrank competitors, we used our algorithm and industry knowledge to find new keywords that increased their search visibility on the app store.

Then we re-worked their description and screenshots to be more app store friendly, and included keywords from their website that have proven successful. We know that every category and country has a strict correlation between daily app downloads and app ranking.

…and luckily for our clients, we know those numbers.

App Promotion Plan

Once we maximized organic traffic, we worked with their marketing team to lay down a plan for promotion. We ran budget allocation and ad iteration tests to understand the responsiveness of different ad networks.

On the first day of the campaign, the StubHub app leaped into the Top 10 for the category, beating out LinkedIn and Amazon.

More importantly, we maintained the Top 20 position for 4 weeks post-campaign without spending any additional money.

Final Thoughts

So that is how we were able to make an immediate impact on the Top Charts rankings of the StubHub app. We combined our app marketing knowledge, with the data from our platform.

One of things that separates us from our competition is that we are actually out in the field, working with customers.

If you would like to see what we can do for your app, give is a shout…

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