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Valentine's Day Apps
Flower Delivery Apps Analysis and The Dark History of Valentine’s Day
February 13, 2017

We think of Valentine’s Day as a day of romantic dinners and flowers, but its origins are not as cheery. Learn where Valentine’s Day comes from and how the top flower delivery apps perform during the biggest flower-giving holidays.

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Runtastic Brand Case Study
The Runtastic Success Story: Helping People Live Healthier and Longer Lives
January 23, 2017

Runtastic is one of the most well-known fitness apps on the market today. Learn how they got started, how they market their portfolio of apps and why their apps have been so successful.

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Boosted downloads with app localization
This App Localization Boosted Downloads by 300%
January 11, 2017

If you are frustrated that you cannot rank well for your keywords in big markets like the US, maybe you need move…your app. Localizing for other countries can help you gain an advantage in markets that are less competitive, or you are more familiar with. Learn how this company leveraged their knowledge of the Russian market.

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Huuge casino games
How Huuuge Games Saves Millions of Dollars in User Acquisition With ASO
January 2, 2017

Huuuge Games relies on ASO to decrease the amount of money that they spend on paid user acquisition. Learn what they do and exactly how much ASO has boosted their downloads.

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Genetic Studios - App Case Study
What Genetic Studios Did to Get 1 Million Downloads with ASO
November 22, 2016

Learn what Genetic Studios does to boost downloads of their games by as much as 34,000 downloads a month. Find out their work process and what Abdulmecid recommends if you are struggling with ASO.

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Sagar Mutha interview - download increase with ASO
Case Study: +17,700 Monthly Download Increase with ASO
October 26, 2016

This may seem like an unbelievable number, but the truth is that anyone with a high quality app can dramatically increase the number of downloads of their app. Learn how this developer did it.

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Amr Shief of Car Xpenses: His Best App Marketing Tactics Exposed
May 12, 2016

Today, we are happy to share a developer story from Amr Shief of Car Xpenseses. We get into how he started,…

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What Has Done Right to Dominate the Top Charts
May 3, 2016 is a mass multiplayer game app by developer Steve Howse that has absolutely dominated the Top Charts for the past…

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How RockMyRun Rocked ASO to Double Their User Base
April 5, 2016

This is an interview with the Rock My Run app Chief Rocker & CEO, Adam. Rock My Run provides DJ engineered mixes…

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Case Study: 500K Downloads and a #1 Ranking With Google Play ASO
March 15, 2016

Learn how a successful app uses Google Play ASO to “inch” past the competition. The key is steady (and sometimes slow) growth, but the results can be amazing!

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