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Timeline module tutorial
App Update Timeline With Detailed App Version History Now Available
March 13, 2017

Our new App Update Timeline can give you deeper insights into competing apps. Learn how to use the data and the most important reasons to track…

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Updated mobile app report
Mobile App Report Pages: How to Get Hidden Data on Any App (No Login Required)
February 27, 2017

Still not sure about signing up for a Mobile Action account yet? Well, our App Reports allow you to get a sample of the data that we provide, without logging in or having an account. Research the keyword strength, Visibility Score and…

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The ASO Report header
The ASO Report: A Summary of Vital Mobile App Keyword Rankings
January 3, 2017

Learn how to get an overview of your App Store Optimization keyword rankings or research the keyword rankings of other apps. Our ASO Report makes it super easy.

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How to Discover and Interpret All the Vital ASO Metrics For Your App
December 29, 2016

Do you know the metrics that you should be tracking for your app’s ASO? This post will show you each one and how to use them to improve the visibility of your app.

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10,000 foot view
Get Free Estimated App Downloads, Revenue, DAU and Best Keyword Data
November 29, 2016

Learn how to get free access to estimated downloads, revenue DAU/MAU and best keywords for any app on the App Store and Play Store.

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Mobile Action Search Ads Dashboard
Apple Search Ads Dashboard Now Available Inside
November 7, 2016

Now you don’t have to log into a separate account to see how well your Apple Search Ads are doing. You can easily integrate your account and see all of your app’s data in one place. It’s also easier to use than the Apple interface 🙂

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Market Intelligence Update
Market Intelligence Update: Audience, Active Users, Download/Revenue and More
November 4, 2016

We are happy to announce that we have updated our Market Intelligence module with new features and an more streamlined interface. Learn all about how it can help you in this post.

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Sagar Mutha interview - download increase with ASO
Case Study: +17,700 Monthly Download Increase with ASO
October 26, 2016

This may seem like an unbelievable number, but the truth is that anyone with a high quality app can dramatically increase the number of downloads of their app. Learn how this developer did it.

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Best App Store Keywords
How to Find Your Competitors’ Best App Store Keywords
October 20, 2016

Wondering how your competition is getting their organic downloads? You don’t have to wonder anymore. Now you can see all of the keywords an app is ranking for and get an estimate of exactly which keywords are getting the most downloads.

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How to Track Unlimited Mobile Apps for Free
October 7, 2016

Our platform allows you to track unlimited apps for free. This means that you can track your apps and the apps of your competitors. Find out how to use this powerful feature and what is included in the free plan.

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