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A Trio of Women in Tech Who Are Changing The Future

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Women in tech is a hot topic right now, and we know an article like this wouldn’t be complete without a nod to the heavy hitters of the tech world – Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook, Marissa Mayer of Yahoo, Angela Ahrendts SVP of Retail & Online Stores at Apple, Susan Wojcicki the CEO of YouTube, or Ruth Porat, the CFO of Google.

We wanted to dig a little deeper and see which other women out there are making a name for themselves. We found a trio of startup creators, the founder, inventor, and engineer behind Getaround, uBeam, and Hopscotch, we think you should keep an eye on. Let’s get to know these women in tech.

Jessica Scorpio – Founder of Getaround

Jessica Scorpio came up with the idea for Getaround while attending Singularity University, a graduate program geared toward addressing global problems with burgeoning technology. After learning that the over a billion cars on the planet sit idle most of the time, she decided a more efficient transportation system was needed.

Getaround was born! In typical startup parlance: Getaround is similar to Airbnb, except instead of extra rooms, it’s the owner’s vehicle, allowing car owners to rent their cars out to everyday people for specified periods of time through an app.

women in tech - jessica scorpio

Says Jessica, “We decided to focus on something that affects seemingly everyone across the world: transportation. We’re deeply committed to making the world a better place and solving car overpopulation.”

Success Points – In 2010, Getaround released their beta version. After launching officially at Tech Crunch Disrupt in 2011 AND winning, Jessica has been recognized as an entrepreneur to watch by the Huffington Post, Fortune, and Business Insider, among others. Getaround now has $19 million dollars in seed funding and is now present in cities like San Francisco, San Diego, Austin, Portland, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.

Check out Getaround’s app store stats here.

Meredith Perry – Founder of uBeam

Meredith Perry is another woman turning an industry upside down. During her undergrad at Pennsylvania University, Meredith was frustrated and came to the conclusion that using a cord to charge any of her devices seemed antiquated. She wanted to go fully wireless. The problem? The technology simply didn’t exist yet.

Meredith set out to change that. Working mostly on her own, she built a prototype of her wireless charging system which uses ultrasound waves to charge devices.  She reported there’s a “level of minutiae you have to get involved with in order to actually execute on something that hasn’t been done before.” She debuted her prototype at 2011 All Things Digital conference and immediately started receiving press for it, from fans and critics alike.

women in tech - Meredith Perry

Meredith has great hopes for the future of uBeam, which she hopes to see on shelves within 2 years. “Even working in one room, think about where that can be applied. Not only within homes and rooms but think about airports, conference halls, concerts. And you can charge an arbitrary number of devices at any time.”

Success Points – So far uBeam has raised Series A funding to the tune of $10 million and currently has $23.4 million total in investment.

Want to learn more? Check out Ubeam’s specs as of  October 2015.

Samantha John – Founder of Hopscotch

While working as a software engineer at Pivotal Labs in the Big Apple, Samantha used her expertise to teach programming classes to newbies. Seeing the enthusiasm of her students, this experience formed the inspiration for her developing her iPad app, Hopscotch. Geared toward the younger set, mostly 8-12 years old, Hopscotch lets their young users learn core coding concepts, make their own games, and publish them on the Hopscotch community. Hopscotch, released in its beta version in early 2013, has been called “21st century Legos”.

women in tech - Samantha John

Says Samantha about being female in tech and the role of her mom’s influence, a woman with a master’s in Chemistry and a PhD, “I grew up thinking that moms were the ones who were good at math and science. They had to be clever and think on their feet. They held high-powered jobs to support their families. That has been a huge influence on me throughout my life- I knew that I had to be all of these things so that I could be like my mom.”

Success points – Hopscotch has been featured by Apple,  won awards like the Best Educational Technology by the Children’s Technology Review and the Parents’ Choice Gold Award, and is available internationally in 100+ countries. At the end of its first year, Hopscotch’s young users had published over a million of their games, and now over 50k new games are published weekly.

Women in Tech: The Bottom Line

Hope you liked our post about women in the tech industry. As you can see, the women are taking bold steps to become more active and major players in the industry and this trio of women is a perfect example of it.


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