Blog Mobile Action’s (Half) Year in Review

Mobile Action’s (Half) Year in Review



This is a sentimental time for the Mobile Action family. We just celebrated our first holidays together! There were some tears, some laughter, and some very much needed celebration.

We have been working our tails off this (half) year (which feels like a whole year), and we wanted to share some of our favorite moments with you in the New Year.

  • We signed eBay again and SK Planet (cornering the biggest e-commerce and telecommunication cos in the world). Boooyaaa.
  • We had a 40% app store feature rate overall, and 100% Top 10 rate in category for our Enterprise Apps.
  • We made awesome partnerships (including Quixey and Tapsense). We like to think of them as our older siblings.
  • We made friends in venture capital. More details about this in the coming months 🙂
  • We started developing our MVP. While we’re super excited about this, we’re also super stealth mode about this. Sorry! More details coming soon!
  • We designed, redesigned, and redesigned again our website. It’s so much cooler and so much more “us” then when we first started!
  • We added a member to our family–  have you met Heather? She’s a pretty rad chick who’s travelled all over the world and is closing deals left and right.

Happy New Years from Mobile Action! May 2014 be your best yet!

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