Mobile Action Acquires Appmind

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appmind and mobile action Big news! We’re thrilled to announce the ASO tool has joined forces with our team at Mobile Action.

We have been collaborating with Appmind for several months now, and we realized combining our forces would make even more sense as we move forward in leading the market with robust tools for developers.

With this new partnership, Appmind’s amazing backend technology will help support and increase Mobile Action’s speed as we continue to experience rapid growth. Additionally, we’re eager to welcome Appmind’s Gabriel Machuret, a long-time ASO thought leader (perhaps the longest) and best-selling author of the “ASO Bible” and “ASO Ninja,” to the Mobile Action team as our brand ambassador.

Gabriel’s expertise will benefit both our users, in his deep understanding of ASO and how the app stores work, and our platform, in the form of ideas for new tools and features. Gabriel’s commitment to helping app developers understand ASO means he immediately recognized the unique power and value Mobile Action provides to app publishers.

So, what are we packing in our arsenal that other tools simply don’t provide? We’re going to brag a little bit here.

Killer Keyword Features

Our Keyword Suggestion feature is one of the best in the market. It’s fast, smart, and helps you brainstorm relevant keyword ideas you may have missed. Take a look.

The Right Price Point

We also give users the opportunity to test drive our features for free, and once you’ve fallen in love with it (as we’re pretty confident you will), you can browse and select packages to suit any app and budget.

Reliable Data

We have fresher and more robust data compared to the more obsolete databases of other ASO tools. After all, making critical decisions for your app based on out-of-date information won’t get you the results you’re looking for.

Easy to Understand

Other ASO tools force their users to navigate through challenging interfaces, making it tougher to get their work done. In contrast, our dashboard is simple, clear, and intuitive for all to use.

Efficient for the Whole Team

With our Team Invite feature, every member of your team, whether it’s your CEO, the marketing team, or the engineers, can benefit from our app store insights and the clarity they provide. We think getting everyone on the same page is crucial for effective teamwork.

To summarize, our dashboard has reliable data, an intuitive dashboard, helpful and targeted tools, easy access for the whole team, and the price is right – making your strategy smarter, your decisions faster, and your team more connected – what’s not to love?

With that, we are excited to welcome all of Appmind’s customers over to our platform. If you need any help with the transition, please ping the Mobile Action support team and we will be glad to assist you.

Mobile Action is free to start, but for anyone migrating over from Appmind, we have a free code for one month’s access to the Hobby plan. Just use the promo code GABHOBBY when upgrading and you’ll be ready to go! As always, happy tracking 🙂

Read the press release here.


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