Blog Health and Fitness Apps: How to Get More Downloads

Health and Fitness Apps: How to Get More Downloads

health and fitness apps

How are your new year’s resolutions going, fitness fam? Your users are hitting the gym, dieting, working hard, and searching for health and fitness apps to help them achieve their dream bodies. The question is do you work as hard as your users on your user acquisition strategies? 

Today’s blog post will explore the latest trends and strategies to help you take the right steps toward success in the health and fitness category. 

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A Deep Dive into Advertiser Analysis to Optimize your Campaigns

  1. Media Type Analysis

What do we look at before downloading an app from the Health and Fitness apps? Of course, the ways of using it. That is why presenting examples and promoting the app through videos is a common strategy in Health & Fitness category.  Accordingly, videos appear to be the most preferred media type when marketing health and fitness apps. 

health and fitness apps

When we look at the media type usages of different Health and Fitness apps it is clear that videos are decided the most because it is the best way to show how to exercise, cook healthy meals, or how to meditate. 

Instead of testing different creative types, spending your money on that, and wasting your time waiting, you can easily access this data about your competitors on Advertiser Analysis. 

  1. Ad Network Analysis

Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger are popular advertisers in the Health & Fitness category. If you are planning to enhance your ad campaigns it would be a great choice to do it on these ad networks.

Since Ad Network Analysis shows you the popular ad networks for your category you don’t need to test every platform with different media types. Trying to find the best ad network for your app may take a lot of money and time. Instead of wasting them, examine your competitors’ distribution of their ad networks. Determine the most profitable ad networks to maximize your return using  Ad Network Analysis.

health and fitness apps

Eye-Catching Creatives to Download: The Importance of Creative Analysis 

Ad creatives are essential in the Health & Fitness category as they can showcase the benefits of a product or service and demonstrate its effectiveness through testimonials such as before-and-after images. They also appeal to potential customers’ emotions by highlighting the confidence and self-esteem that comes with a healthier lifestyle. Ad creatives play a vital role in attracting and converting retained users in the Health & Fitness category.

Let’s check out some creative examples used by some of the top advertisers in the Health & Fitness category.

  • MyFitnessPal is promising a healthier life style with both healthy meal prep recipes and workout routines. The aim here is to show these features through creatives and put forward the before-after effect of the app.
health and fitness apps
  • Calm is using relaxing sounds and visuals for the videos to put forward its sleeping and calming aids.
health and fitness apps
  • Flo is using ad creatives to show what the app offers and puts app screenshots to do that. Also using pink as the main color may be a symbol of femininity. 
health and fitness apps
  • BetterMe uses real-life people while working routines while JustFit uses workout animations.

Leverage your in-app events to drive user engagement and increase visibility

In-app events help app marketers to increase app traffic and retention since they give an impression of the events happening in the app and target the right audience. During seasonal times, optimization of in-app events drags more users with the high intent of retention and maintains revenue in the long run with promotions and in-app event updates.

As we can see from the examples, most apps use this feature to promote different events inside the app. With our in-app events feature, you can discover all possible in-app event ideas in your category. Without testing them separately, you can see what your competitors are promoting inside the app, and get inspired by them for similar features. 

You do not need to wait to get the results of your tests. You don’t even need to test. The outcome is yours since you will have full visibility of your category’s popular in-app events.  

Unleash your potential with the Custom Product Pages Intelligence

Most health and fitness apps include a variety of different features, such as exercise and meal planning, intermittent fasting and the keto diet, meditation and sleep assistance, menstrual tracking, and pregnancy observation. 

To avoid missing out any features and make the app more noticeable to a wider audience  custom product pages are great. You can highlight everything separately and detailed. 

Let’s see which custom product pages your competitors use, which features they promote, which keywords they use, and even which colors are popular. Through Custom Product Pages Intelligence you can discover all about any of your competitors. 

Let’s see some examples of custom product pages usages:

  • MyFitnessPal promotes its intermittent fasting option through the custom product pages. The default product page is on meal plans but this one is to attract the ones who directly want something about intermittent fasting.
  • Calm using a different color, maybe a more relaxing one to boost the reducing stress and anxiety features. Because the default page focuses generally on the app itself while custom product pages highlight spesific features. When we look at the default product page of Calm we understand that it is a meditation app and offers a less stressful mindset with better sleep. But Calm is also offering breath exercises and relaxing music or podcasts. To also show these features custom product pages become very useful.
  • Flo is a menstrual period tracker application so the default page is about tracking your period and menstrual health. But they also offer pregnancy features where you can track your baby’s development. How do we know that? Because they have a custom product page to show everyone that they do not track only periods but also other feminine issues. 
  • BetterMe offers both meal plans and workout routines, so it talks about both of these features on its default page. Besides, a separate custom product page is prepared for the part about meal plans and healthy recipes. This way, it can attract the ones specifically looking for healthy food ideas.
  • JustFit’s strategy is to show how the bodies change during the process and attract users this way. Also, they target men and women at the same time through custom product pages.

For Health & Fitness catgory, custom product pages will allow you to show all of your features at the same time with the right targeting options. To get more insights about the category and market don’t forget to check out the insdustry’s first Custom Product Pages Intelligence!

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