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Interview With Co-Founder Ryan Weber of NativeX

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Ryan Weber is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of NativeX, which streamlines native advertising for mobile apps, as well as an active user of Mobile Action. We interviewed him about his experience and background in mobile, and how he and his NativeX team use Mobile Action. Let’s listen in!


1. Ryan, how did you get started in the mobile industry?

“I got started in the mobile industry in 2005. I led the creation of a mobile messaging/download service called  We grew it to an annual revenue run rate in the low eight figures before selling the service to another company in 2008. Later in 2009, I led the development of NativeX’s first mobile ad product and initiated early partnerships with mobile app developers publishing on the app stores.”

2. How did you come up with the idea for NativeX?

“In 2009, we recognized that the existing mobile ad networks were not equipped to deliver ads that naturally fit the needs of mobile developers.  Our company had success with creating successful native experiences for desktop, so we were perfectly positioned to take that expertise to build the leading native ad technology optimized for mobile.  The title of “NativeX” reflects our dedication to making mobile advertising a native experience.

Our goal is to make it easy for developers to monetize their apps for maximum profit while maintaining a positively balanced user experience.  We also provide solutions to attract high-quality users for your app and to raise app store visibility.”

3. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from launching NativeX?

“For Monetization, we’ve learned that developers dislike updating their apps. So we built a single, powerful rich media SDK that puts them in control of all of their ad unit needs. We capture demand directly thanks to a global sales force and over 50 ad networks feeding us offers.

On the User Acquisition side, we have learned that the most successful apps find a differentiated position that is valued by a large audience and then they match their paid and organic (ASO) efforts to ensure they are discovered by those users.  They measure and share post-install events with us to ensure that we are both effectively optimizing their campaigns to deliver paid installs for them that meet their target KPIs. They also understand the keywords and app store categories frequently used to find apps like theirs and ensure they achieve prominence for both.”

4. Can you describe a normal day at NativeX?

“I’m typically planning or evaluating an experiment to validate ideas for utilizing advertising more effectively to improve app store visibility.  I’m reviewing Mobile Action’s dashboards along with my own custom reports to estimate the effectiveness of each campaign.  I’m working closely with my internal and external stakeholders to ensure they have the best tools for supporting mobile user acquisition campaigns.”

5. Where do you see the app store heading in the next few years?

“Paid search advertising already exists on Google Play and is likely to be released by Apple in the near future.  I think mobile app developers will adopt App Store Optimization and paid search ads for app stores in mass given the great potential it has to improve the odds compared to other distribution channels where contextual relevance is less important.  Google and Apple will continue to invest heavily in supporting such products as they will be very lucrative for both companies.

We see a difference of 10X between the highest and lowest CPI bid amongst our top 10 video advertisers in top markets.  Your app needs to be uniquely appealing (differentiated) for an audience or you need to have a higher LTV in order to have a scalable growth model.”

6. How do you and your team use Mobile Action?

“We use Mobile Action’s Market Intelligence platform to estimate the daily downloads for top-ranked apps for any given keyword.  We use the App Store Intelligence plan to research new keywords based on competitor’s keywords, existing keywords for our client’s app, and seed keywords that we feel are relevant. We also use the App Store Intelligence plan to track the rankings for our client’s apps.  These tools are used on an iterative basis to continue to help maximize the app store visibility for our clients so they can generate more organic installs.”

Thank you so much for your time, Ryan!

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