Blog Apple Search Ads Keyword Volume Now Available In Mobile Action

Apple Search Ads Keyword Volume Now Available In Mobile Action

We are excited to announce that we have added Apple Search Ads Search Popularity data to our dashboard, so you will now have 100% accurate keyword search volume data for the US Apple App Store. Our team has been working hard on this ever since we got access to this data and we have been testing it rigorously over the past few weeks.

It wasn’t quite ready for the launch of Search Ads, so we decided to delay our launch until the day after the official launch of Search Ads. But we are extremely confident in it now and it is live and available for you to use.

In this blog post, we will quickly go over how this will help you with ASO, the current limitations and why you cannot use the current Apple data alone.

Apple Search Ads Keyword Volume

How Apple Keyword Volume Has Been Integrated Into the Mobile Action Dashboard

For a long time, our Search Score has been the best estimate of keyword volume for app developers and marketers.

…and it is still important. But now it is even better.

We have integrated Apple’s Search Ads data into our Search Score to give you the most accurate measurement of keyword search volume. This is important for two reasons.

First, you cannot see an exact number in the Search Ads dashboard. They only provide a bar graph under Search Popularity.

keyword list

(Aykut says that he is working on his search popularity)

Here is how similar searches look in our dashboard. It provides a much more accurate and quantifiable measurement.

keyword list

Second, Apple only provides keyword data for the US App Store. Therefore, you will still need our estimated Search Score for other countries.

As you know, localization is very important for increasing your downloads. Since Apple doesn’t have data for other countries yet, you will still need our data to rank well in those countries.

Also keep in mind that we update Apple keyword search volume daily, so you can be sure that you are getting the freshest data possible.

The New Keyword Data Improves Our Other Metrics Too

Now that we have keyword data directly from Apple, this will also improve our other metrics like Chance Score and Visibility Score. So don’t be surprised if these metrics change a little for your app.

They are only getting more accurate.

Apple Search Ads Keyword Volume Isn’t The Only Thing You Need

You may be wondering why you cannot simply use Apple’s Search Ads dashboard for doing ASO.

That’s a valid question.

When you do keyword research inside Mobile Action, you can see competing apps, keyword suggestions and much more. This information is not available inside the Apple Search Ads dashboard.

Related keywords


Now you don’t have to rely on an App Store Optimization keyword volume estimator to get your US keyword volume data. We provide this data inside our Search Score and we provide many more benefits, compared to using the Apple Search Ads dashboard alone.

As soon as Apple releases the keyword data for other countries, we will integrate this data too.

Remember that you can also integrate your Apple Search Ads data directly into your Mobile Action dashboard, so you can see everything in one place. To learn how to do this, read this post.

If you don’t have an account yet, sign up for one here, or if you are a current Mobile Action customer, login and start using it right now.

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