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Mobile Action 2018 Highlights

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2018 has been a rigorous year for Mobile Action. 2018 marks the 5th year of Mobile Action and this year has been our most active year in terms of product development. In case you have missed some of them, read on to catch up to what we have done in 2018.

We have launched entirely new products, redesigned our entire dashboard, added many new features and improved existing ones.

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Re-designed UI and New Dashboard

Our first major update for 2018 was completely redesigning our Public Site and the entire Mobile Action dashboard.

During this redesign, our #1 priority was to make it easier to navigate and more efficient. We moved around how our features and products were listed to make it quicker to find what you need.

All the features and tabs were updated to make them easier to navigate and quicker to grasp in line with our goal of increasing the overall User Experience on our dashboard.

Introduced Ad Intelligence

The development of Ad Intelligence started in early 2018 and by the middle of Q2, we finally launched our Advertisement Intelligence product.

The Ad Intelligence tool allows users to quickly analyze their competitors paid ad campaigns on different ad networks. With Ad Intelligence users can:

  • Analyze which publishers run the most ads.
  • Check all the ad creatives they are using.
  • Analyze which Call to Actions, Creative Types and Titles produce the best results.

Check out this article for a more in-depth look at the Ad Intelligence tool.

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Tw New Features Added to Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence is one of our older products but we’ve constantly tweaked our algorithm in order to provide the most accurate data to our users.

By 2018, our market data had become quite rich and this enabled us to introduce two new datasets under Market Intelligence. Check out this article for more information!

1.Store Analysis

The Store Intelligence tab shows the total number of downloads in a specific category of a country. The tool allows you to compare up to 28 countries that we have the Market data available on a single chart.

You can view and compare the total downloads and in-app revenue of each country and category with each other to have a better understanding on which countries have the most potential users for your app.

2.Top Apps

The Top Apps section allows users to see the apps with the most monthly downloads in a category. The tool allows checking historical data as well.

The Total Publishers section provides the option to check the most downloaded app publishers of a month, so rather than checking only the most downloaded apps, you can also see which publisher is getting the most downloads.


Since the first time Apple Search Ads were announced back in 2016, we knew that this would fundamentally change the way App Marketing and App Store Optimization was approached.

We launched in late 2017, but the market wasn’t mature enough for us to build a meaningful tool depending on our users’ feedback.

Over the entire year we’ve added so many new functions and tools to and officially re-launched it in late 2018.

  • Added attribution tool integration to track the entire Apple Search Ads funnel.
  • Competitor Intelligence tools such as Organic Keyword Hunt and Ad Keyword Spy
  • New Automation rules and stronger reporting options.
  • Bulk campaign updates, improved management options.
  • Custom campaign goals for better KPI tracking

Check out this short article about why you should use

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Major Product Updates

1.The Brand-new ASO Report

The ASO Report is the probably the most powerful ASO tool you can find. On its own it completely removes the need to track keywords.

We were happy with the insights provided by the ASO Report but we knew that we could add much more features to it. Q4 of 2018, witnessed the overhaul of our ASO Report tool.

We’ve both updated the UI of the ASO Report and expanded its usability. Check out the video above for more details about the new ASO Report or check out this article for more information.

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2.Keyword Tracking Updates

The Keyword Tracking page is our single most used page. While it has an extremely wide scope of use cases, the sheer number of features provided under the Keyword Tracking page made it quite difficult to navigate as we kept adding new functionalities.

During 2018, we added three main functionalities to the Keyword Tracking page as well as changing it’s UI.

  • Competition Analysis: enables users to do a side-by-side comparison of keyword rankings with competing apps.
  • Ranking History: users can view the ranking history of multiple keywords on a single chart to compare their progress.
  • Live Rankings: Instant App Store or Google Play Store rankings for a keyword.

Check out this article for a more detailed look at the Competition Analysis, Ranking History and Live Rankings.

New Feature: Keyword Explorer

The Keyword Explorer was added to expand the scope of keyword research that can be done on Mobile Action. The Keyword Explorer provides many insights about a keyword such as;

  • Seeing all the apps that rank for the keyword
  • Finding out vital metrics without tracking the keyword
  • Long-tail keyword suggestions
  • Search Score Popularity History

Check out this article for a more in-depth look at the new Keyword Explorer tool.

All in all, 2018 has been a blast for us! We’ve accomplished more than we originally planned to and the future ahead seems even crazier!

We already have so many plans for 2019 and if the new year treats us well, let’s see where we will end up! Keep an eye out for the upcoming news on our side and join us on this wonderful journey to make the entire app industry one big community!

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