Blog Hit your Mobile Growth Targets with MobileAction’s Free Forever Plan!

Hit your Mobile Growth Targets with MobileAction’s Free Forever Plan!

MobileAction's Free Forever Plan

We’re thrilled to announce that MobileAction’s Free Forever Plan is now available!

MobileAction is now offered free for you all to:

  • find out which keywords your competitors are bidding on, and never miss an opportunity.
  • monitor your keyword performance, and discover new keywords to rank your app higher.
  • analyze which ads and ad networks are working in your category, and never run out of creative ideas.
  • find out the reviews, category rankings and visibility scores of any app, and discover how you stack up against your competition.

There are many more inside this plan. Let’s take you on a tour of MobileAction’s Free Forever Plan.

Better Organic Rankings. Better Positioning in the Market. MobileAction ‘s Free Forever Plan offers you all.

Rankings and the popularity of keywords tend to fluctuate frequently. That’s why keeping abreast of up-to-date data is crucial. Otherwise, you risk your visibility and potential downloads. One of the most efficient ways to do so is by looking at your competitors.

MobileAction’s ASO Intelligence – Keyword Tracking

Through MobileAction’s App Intelligence, you can search for any app you wish and discover what works for them. You can track up to 10 competitors and 100 keywords to dig down their keyword and acquisition strategy.

After finding out who your competitors are, you should now have data-based answers to these questions to build a solid strategy: “Which keywords define my product the best?” and “Which keywords are my competitors bidding on to rank higher?”.

Here, all you need is MobileAction’s ASO Intelligence. You can search for a keyword, and then have a detailed list of relevant keywords you have missed the opportunity to rank higher. Indeed, you can reach out to the keywords your competitors are getting ranked for.

Now that you have the list of your competitors and keywords, let us perform a thorough competitor ASO analysis so that you can compare the performance of your keywords with your competitors.

What’s more, utilize our custom alerts to be updated for all the changes you want to know. Select any app you want, and decide on the frequency of alerts and the storefront. Then, get notified about their changes, such as version upgrades or listing modifications.

Dominate Apple Search Ads with

Let’s throw in a few facts. According to Apple Search Ads, 65% of App Store downloads occur right after a search, and the conversion rate is 50%. In our Apple Search ads Benchmarks report, this number is even higher at around 58%. – Overview, a tailor-made campaign management platform, can aid you in deriving even more value from your ads by allowing you to scale up your campaigns more efficiently.

As part of MobileAction’s Free Forever Plan, you’re now able to:

  • Discover new scaling opportunities by identifying the search terms driving in-app events important for your business.
  • Find out inefficiencies in your campaigns by identifying the search phrases with low conversion rates or high costs.
  • Set up AI-based automation rules which will monitor and optimize your campaigns 24/7.

In a nutshell, get rid of repetitive work, and spend your time improving your UA strategy instead.

Put MobileAction and SearchAds tools to work for you, and start growing for free right now.

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