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Mobile Action + Slack

Tired of continuously checking on apps for specific updates? Integrate your Slack channel with your Mobile Action account now and set up custom alerts to be notified of any change happening on the platform, without ever having to leave slack!

Integrating Slack with Mobile Action

Integrating Slack + setting up Custom Alerts on dashboard

Head on over to your account and go to the “Custom Alerts” page under “My App Insights” on our dashboard. Once you’re on this page, you’ll have to first add your slack channel to the dashboard, before you can be notified about updates.

Clicking on “Add Slack Channel” will redirect you to a new page where you will have to provide Mobile Action permission to send messages to your slack channel.

Providing permission for Mobile Action

Once you’ve completed the initial set-up process, you can start creating custom alerts depending on your preferences.

Integration’s done, now what?

Now that you’ve integrated your slack with Mobile Action, you should start setting up ‘Custom Alerts’. On our dashboard we have a number of various alerts you can set-up depending on what exactly your need is. Below are some examples of the different use-cases you may encounter and the necessary alert you would want to set-up.

Track changes for the daily sales metrics of your integrated app.

App update related custom alert slack notification

Stay on top of app updates via the App Updates/App Releases custom alerts

App ranking related custom alert slack notification

Be aware of app ranking changes via the Biggest Movers/Losers/Category Rankings custom alerts

Keyword ranking related custom alert slack notification

Get notified of keyword ranking changes via the Top Keywords/User keywords custom alerts

Review related custom alert slack notification

Never miss a review on any app via the Latest Reviews/Current Version Reviews custom alerts

Now that you’re aware of how much time you can save, what are you waiting for? Ramp up your efficiency with the click of a button!

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