Blog Empower Your Product Page with the Creative Assets Hub

Empower Your Product Page with the Creative Assets Hub

Creative Asset optimization

Romans used to say “Spoken words fly away, written words remain”. However, they have failed to mention that visuals convince. But that’s okay for them since they don’t know anything about mobile user acquisition. We, on the other hand, know that creative asset optimization is crucial for increasing our conversion rates. 

In order to benefit from your visual assets in the best way possible, you have to check the pulse of the market consistently. You have to know what your competitors are doing and what the latest trends are. Without proper competitor intelligence, all you can do is guesswork and guessing isn’t the best strategy to boost your growth

Moreover, Custom Product Pages and Product Page Optimization are about to enter our lives later this year. You will have the opportunity to promote your app up to 35 custom product pages. Sounds good but at the same time, this means that you should pay closer attention to creative asset optimization. 

As an app marketer, you might think that “it is easier said than done” as it is time-consuming to find the creative assets of different apps. All the work for searching in the App Store, changing countries, and taking screenshots is truly exhausting. 

The good news is that you can analyze your competitors’ all creative assets and follow the latest creative trends in your category easily with our new feature: Creative Asset Hub. 

What Can You Do with Our Creative Asset Hub?

Adapting your product page to different regions is crucial if you want to boost your local rankings. Through our Creative Asset Hub, you can easily view what your competitors or the top apps are doing in different regions to convert users.

Assume that you have a puzzle-gaming app. You want to improve your position in Turkey, see the latest trends, and track your competitors’ approach to this market. 

For this matter, our Creative Asset Hub allows you to filter your search by country, platform, category, and date. Moreover, you will be able to view different screenshot variations your competitors are using for their campaigns, once Custom Product pages go live.

As you can see above, the search gives a list of apps in your category with their creative assets. These apps are sorted based on their category rankings, meaning that you don’t have to search for the top apps. You can see the successful creative asset optimization approaches in an instant. 

For instance, do your competitors’ use video previews, or do they just rely on screenshots? Do their creative sets look alike or do they have a certain trick? Well, with our intuitive App Store Optimization tools, you can carry out a comprehensive ASO Audit (keyword optimization & conversion optimization) for your own app while also benefiting from the strategies of your competitors.

Let’s take a look and see what puzzle-gaming apps are doing to increase app downloads

Competitor Analysis for Creative Asset Optimization

As mentioned above, we can see apps in order of their category rankings. So let’s choose a few of them to analyze. You can find our Creative Asset Hub as a basic feature under the ASO Intelligence product.

Creative Asset Optimization
Creative Asset Hub

Royal Match

Royal Match is a big brand. They have been to the Top Advertisers list many times. It would not be wrong to assume that they know what they are doing, right? 

As you can see above they are benefiting from a video preview to explain their game better. Moreover, by looking at their screenshots, we can see that they went with vivid colors just like the majority of the apps in this category. 

Now let’s see another app.  

Candy Crush Saga

You know Candy Crush. It was the pioneer of its genre. They are still maintaining their popularity with successful app store optimization and marketing strategies. 

Here you can see that they are using not one but two video previews. Moreover, they localized their screenshots to better communicate with Turkish users. We see that they are using banners in the Turkish language to define screenshots and present their features. 

This is a crucial aspect of any marketing strategy. If you want to target a certain region, get to know them and start communicating in their language. 


Now, we are going to talk about Fishdom. It is another puzzle-gaming app that you need to keep an eye on. 

Above, we see that they are not using a video preview but benefiting from colorful screenshots to engage users. They are using banners to explain their features yet they did not localize their screenshots for Turkey.  

However, let’s take a look at our next example to see what is really interesting here.   


Homescapes is another popular and successful puzzle game that is loved by many. It would not be wrong to claim that they have steered the mobile advertisement with their ad creatives. 

Looks familiar, right? It seems like we have found our first creative asset trend for puzzle-gaming apps in Turkey. 

  • Explain your features with banners at the top, 
  • Show real game display 
  • Make sure your banners and the colors of your app match. 

Below, you will see the search results for China which looks nothing like the market for Turkey. So, remember these trends may vary from one market to another, and plan your strategies accordingly. 

Creative Asset Optimization
Creative Trends for Puzzle Games in China

Creative Asset Optimization and More

You have just witnessed how easy it becomes to analyze creative assets and find trends with our Creative Assets Hub. In addition to what was mentioned above, you can also apply the same process for app icons. 

In this way, you can view how best-performing apps approach their icons, how they adapt them to special times of the year such as Halloween or Christmas and find ideas on how to improve your own app icons. 

Creative Asset Optimization
App Icons


  • No more spending hours on analyzing your competitors’ creative assets
  • View Top-apps with their creative asset in an instant
  • Find trends, see how they evolved over time
  • Build your Creative Asset Optimization strategies with data-driven insights

All the information you need to build a strong app marketing strategy, we hand it to you on a silver platter. Just make sure you don’t miss out on this platter. Start a free ASO Intelligence trial today and see yourself! 

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