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Pinar Guler
As MobileAction, we are happy to release our new search visibility score! Your old friend is still cool & awesome but now, it scaled...
Pinar Guler
The popularity of SearchAds as a paid growth alternative has been increasing. Now that Apple Search Ads are available in 59 countries and counting,...
Pinar Guler
Hey there App Marketers! At MobileAction, one thing we care about as much as data is how we present it. So, we keep updating...
Mobile Action Team
It’s been barely a month since we announced our last UI update of the dashboard, but here we are! Back again with a new...
Mobile Action Team
We’ve been working extremely hard to make a comprehensive and easy to use keyword optimization feature for you. With Keyword Trends – add up...
Mobile Action Team
At Mobile Action, we have 2 primary goals: Data Accuracy and User Experience! As you are already aware, we only recently updated our Market...
Mobile Action Team
Reaching App – Keyword Fit in App Stores is iterative and a daunting process. Yet, 65% of organic app downloads come from app store...
Mobile Action Team
This has got to be one of the most requested features we’ve had from not only our paying users but also potential clients. It...

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