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Included in Enterprise Plan

  • App Store & Google Play
  • API Access & CSV Export
  • Dedicated Customer Success
  • Customized Team Members
  • Custom Alerts & Reports
  • 24 Months of Historical Data
  • 85+ Countries Supported
  • Early Product Roadmap Access
  • AND MORE +


Essentials that provide your app the visibility it deserves

  • Customized Keywords
  • Customized Apps & Competitors
  • App Update Timeline
  • Search Ads Intelligence
  • ASO Report
  • Localization
  • Keyword Intelligence
  • Keyword Trends
  • Keyword Research
  • ASO Keyword Suggestion
  • Keyword Spy
  • Keyword Explorer
  • Keyword Data
    • Keyword Ranking History
    • Keyword Live Ranking
    • Ranked Keyword & Metadata
    • Competitors Keywords
    • Review Keywords
    • Category & Similar Keywords


Wide market coverage, increased accuracy, reliable data

  • 10 M+ App
  • Download Estimates
  • Revenue Estimates
  • DAU & MAU
  • Audience Geography
  • Top Charts
  • Biggest Mover & Losers
  • Publisher Analysis
  • App Analysis
  • Store Summary
  • Top Apps & Publishers


Insights on ad networks to guide your marketing and creatives

  • 1.5 M+ Unique Ad Creatives
  • 6 B+ Ad Impressions Info
  • 60 k+ Unique Advertisers
  • 90 k+ Unique Ad Publishers
  • 20+ Ad Networks
  • Multiple Ad Types
  • Share of Advertiser
  • Creative Gallery
  • Top Advertisers
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Apps with Ads
  • In-App Ads Analysis


Discover the top SDKS being used by various apps across the market

  • 5 M+ Apps
  • 10 k+ SDK Vendors
  • Top SDKs
  • SDK Analysis
  • Download Estimates
  • Revenue Estimates

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have a Free Trial?

Of course! We understand that everyone wants to test out the functionality of the tool and the quality of the data before subscribing. You can test the majority of our features by starting a trial for the respective package. Not all features will be available during a trial due to data sensitivity. You can learn more about those restricted features by scheduling a call with us!

How Do I Cancel My Plan/Trial?

You can cancel your plan anytime by notifying your dedicated account manager or emailing us at [email protected] You can also cancel your trial before it auto-renews when the 7-day trial period is over. Don’t worry! We will email you before the trial runs out so you don’t forget to cancel it.

When Do I Get Charged?

You will be automatically charged on your billing date for the month you haven’t paid for yet. If you wish to change your plan between billing dates, contact your account manager for assistance to switch you to a new plan.

Why Do You Need My Credit Card?

The main purpose of the Mobile Action free trial is to help users test out the platform and get a feel of the platforms capacity. Therefore, every account can start a trial only once and the best way to track this and prevent abuses is to tie trials to a credit card. Also, it makes the onboarding process smoother.

What Payment Methods are Available?

You can pay via any Credit Card or Paypal for all subscriptions. For yearly/long term subscriptions we also accept wire transfers. Contact your account manager for further instructions about wire transfers.

Sagi Dekel
“We constantly use Mobile Action to better understand and develop our status on the App Stores. What we like best about Mobile Action is their willingness to understand our unique needs and promptly build a great solution, they are truly great partners.”
Sagi Dekel
Ash Chadha
“Mobile Action has been an excellent partner in helping us grow our install base through its best-in-class marketing intelligence and data insights for ASO.”
Ash Chadha
Head of Marketing, BitTorrent Inc
Shoham Lashkar
“Since we started using Mobile Action, we were able to save a lot of data collecting hours and invest them in our optimization process. Mobile Action has also developed some unique features to cater to our specific business needs.”
Shoham Lashkar
Head of ASO at Ilyon
Aviva Telias
“As one of the leading performance marketing agencies for ASO, we chose to work with Mobile Action because of the outstanding service and flexibility, accommodating their platform and features for our needs.”
Aviva Telias
Jessica Mallison
“I have thoroughly enjoyed using Mobile Action. They have a great capacity for the keywords you can monitor. The whole platform is laid out well and everything is easy to find. They also have very useful functions, for example integrating your iTunes Account in order to download all your existing keywords.”
Jessica Mallison
Redbox Mobile
Jim Range
“The ASO Report has enabled getting deeper insight around what is working or not working; and equally if not more importantly, discovering new keywords to prioritize. Using these tools over a short period of time, Heyalda had as much as 5x app store impressions, page views and downloads for several of Heyalda's games.”
Jim Range
Wassim Guerbaa
“Mobile Action must be one of the most reliable and best app tracking radar in the market. Organic Keyword intelligence lets you know almost in real time what keywords are trending or useful.”
Wassim Guerbaa
Supreme Media

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