Recommended Actions

How would you like an assistant that evaluates all the relevant data and comes to you with incisive action recommendations according to your goals?

Factually Supported Action Recommendations

We have just the perfect fit for you. If you connect your iTunes Connect or Google Play Developer Console account, Recommended Actions will tell you what you ought to do. Just set your goal and Recommended Action will give you factually supported action recommendations.

Analyze your metrics

Recommended Actions evaluate data from many different sources and lets you display all the relevant metrics from one place. It gives you an actionable insight, a piece of recommendation which you can apply to your app business.

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recommended actions 2

Actionable Insights!

You can aim to enhance your metrics such as “Conversion Rate”, “Retention”, “Monthly Active Users”, “Weekly Active Users”, “Daily Active Users”, “ARPU”, “Revenue”, “Sessions per Active Users”, “Session length”, “App Ratings” and see your crash rates and even recommendations about which country to localize your app.

They Are Using Mobile Action

Why Aren’t You?

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Go ahead

We have a claim. We provide the most accurate App Analytics and ASO Intelligence tools for the best price. Your app business is in rights hands here.