How MobileAction’s Ad Intelligence Doubled Tim O's Studio’s Competitive Edge by Reducing Research Time by 50%

Success Story

Tim O's Studio is a publisher of utility apps and casual games. With the digital realm becoming increasingly competitive, staying ahead is a necessity. The key is to secure timely, insightful data to refine their marketing strategies. Before taking any action, the user acquisition team, led by Andrew Lossing, often found themselves reacting to competitors' moves after they had already happened. Their user acquisition and market research efforts were notably set back by a lack of comprehensive data on competitors’ user acquisition strategies.

Challenge: Tracking Competitor Maneuvers

The primary challenge was the fog surrounding competitors' marketing maneuvers. Tim O's Studio needed a tool that could provide a clear understanding of where and how competitors were investing in user acquisition, along with the effectiveness of different creative strategies. The absence of such information left the team behind, making decisions in a vacuum of endless market data.

Solution: MobileAction's Ad Intelligence Insights

Their search for a powerful solution led them to MobileAction's Ad Intelligence product. This platform stood apart due to its in-depth insights into competitors' user acquisition and creative strategies. Unlike other tools, MobileAction offered a holistic view of competitor activities, creative strategies, and platform usage, integrating seamlessly with Tim O's Studio’s existing workflow and significantly enhancing their user acquisition efforts. With the extensive coverage of the number of ad networks and MobileAction being the only provider of DSP data, along with the most creative formats, MobileAction was their go-to solution.
Ad Intelligence’s tools, like Creative Analysis and Advertiser Analysis, made it possible to easily view an app’s paid user acquisition efforts and performance regarding creatives and impressions. Similarly, Ad Publisher Analysis provided a detailed look into an app’s publishing history and the creatives appearing in it.
Top Advertisers, Top Creatives, and Top Ad Publishers highlighted the leading performers, offering a benchmark for success. With a clear view of where competitors were spending, which creatives were resonating with audiences, and on which platforms they were gaining traction, Tim O's Studio was better positioned to strategize their user acquisition campaigns.

Result: Sharpening Competitive Edge with 50% Less Time in Research

The adoption of MobileAction's Ad Intelligence features marked a pivotal turn. With newfound clarity, the Tim O's Studio team could strategize based on real-time market trends. They optimized their user acquisition campaigns, significantly improving their Return on Investment (ROI) and overall app visibility. This solution notably cut down their research time by 50%, a significant leap that not only saved time and resources but also gave them the upper hand in the competitive landscape. Andrew says, “The clarity and depth of data have not only saved us our efforts but have also given us a competitive edge in the market. I cannot recommend the Ad Intelligence product enough for any business serious about staying ahead in the mobile advertising space. It's not just a tool; it's a game-changer.” The experience with MobileAction has not only addressed their initial challenges but has positioned Tim O's Studio as a more informed, agile, and competitive player in the gaming industry.

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The Ad Intelligence product has been nothing short of transformative for our marketing strategy. Before integrating this data into our workflow, we were often playing catch-up, trying to decipher where our competitors were investing and which creatives they were leveraging. Now, with the comprehensive insights provided, we have a clear window into our competitors' user acquisition strategies. We can see where they're spending, which creatives are resonating with audiences, and on which platforms they're gaining the most traction. The clarity and depth of data have not only saved us time and resources but have also given us a competitive edge in the market. For any business serious about staying ahead in the mobile advertising space, I cannot recommend the Ad Intelligence product enough. It's not just a tool; it's a game-changer.

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