Top Apps

Appstore / United States / Overall
1 Love Balls
by Super Tapx
2 Helix Jump
by Voodoo
3 Rise Up
by Serkan Ozyilmaz
4 Fortnite
by Epic Games
5 YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream
by Google, Inc.
6 Instagram
by Instagram, Inc.
7 Netflix
by Netflix, Inc.
8 Messenger
by Facebook, Inc.
9 Google Maps - GPS Navigation
by Google, Inc.
10 Snapchat
by Snap, Inc.
11 Gmail - Email by Google
by Google, Inc.
12 Facebook
by Facebook, Inc.
13 Spotify Music
by Spotify Ltd.
14 Bitmoji
by Bitstrips
15 Color Road!
by Voodoo
16 WhatsApp Messenger
by WhatsApp Inc.
17 Waze Navigation & Live Traffic
by Waze Inc.
by Tencent Mobile International Limited
19 Uber
by Uber Technologies, Inc.
20 Granny
by Dennis Vukanovic
21 Pandora Music
by Pandora Media, Inc.
22 Word Link - Word Puzzle Game
23 Wish - Shopping Made Fun
by ContextLogic Inc.
24 Cash App
by Square, Inc.
25 Google Docs
by Google, Inc.
26 Amazon - Shopping made easy
by AMZN Mobile LLC
27 Snake VS Block
by Voodoo
28 The Cube - What's Inside ?
by Voodoo
29 Google Drive
by Google, Inc.
30 Google Photos
by Google, Inc.
31 Color Tube™
by Super Tapx
32 Microsoft Outlook
by Microsoft Corporation
33 Google Chrome
by Google, Inc.
34 Google Slides
by Google, Inc.
35 HotspotShield VPN & Wifi Proxy
by AnchorFree Inc.
36 Moon Surfing
by Christian Schnellmann
37 Twitter
by Twitter, Inc.
by Inc.
39 SoundCloud - Music & Audio
by SoundCloud Ltd.
40 Lyft
by Lyft, Inc.
41 Venmo: Send & Receive Money
by Venmo
42 Hulu: Watch TV Shows & Movies
by Hulu, LLC
43 Stone Skimming
by Voodoo
44 Best VPN Proxy Betternet
by Betternet Technologies Inc.
45 OfferUp - Buy. Sell. Simple.
by OfferUp Inc.
46 Pinterest
by Pinterest
47 PayPal: Mobile Cash
by PayPal, Inc.
48 Splashy!
by Voodoo
49 Google
by Google, Inc.
50 iHeartRadio
by iHeartMedia Management Services, Inc.
51 letgo: Buy & Sell Secondhand
by Ambatana Holdings B.V.
52 Uber Eats: Food Delivery
by Uber Technologies, Inc.
53 MMX Hill Dash 2 - Race Offroad
by Hutch Games Ltd
54 Baseball Boy!
by Voodoo
55 Flying Arrow!
by Voodoo
56 Slopey
by PennyBox Games Limited
57 Photomath
by Photomath, Inc.
58 Yelp: Your Local City Guide
by Yelp
59 The Weather Channel: Tracker
by The Weather Channel Interactive
60 GroupMe
by Skype Communications S.a.r.l
61 Solitaire·
by Zynga Inc.
62 Sniper 3D Assassin: FPS Battle
by Fun Games For Free
63 Word Crossy - A crossword game
by gu yunhe
64 Yahoo Mail
by Yahoo
65 YouTube Music
by Google, Inc.
66 Tinder
by Tinder Inc.
67 Twisty Road!
by Voodoo
68 Toon Blast
by Peak Games
69 Google Translate
by Google, Inc.
70 Poshmark
by Poshmark, Inc.
71 Groupon
by Groupon, Inc.
72 Subway Surfers
by Kiloo
73 Credit Karma
by Credit Karma, Inc.
74 Sweatcoin - Sweat for Coin
by Sweatco Ltd
75 McDonald's
by McDonald's USA
76 Dropbox
by Dropbox
77 Kahoot! - Play Learning Games
by Kahoot! AS
78 Airbnb
by Airbnb, Inc.
79 Weave the Line
by Lion Studios
80 Indeed Job Search
by Indeed Inc.
81 AliExpress Shopping App
by Alibaba
82 Marco Polo Video Walkie Talkie
by Joya Communications
83 X-VPN Unlimited VPN Proxy
by Free Connected Limited
84 Find My Family, Friends, Phone
by Life360
85 Episode - Choose Your Story
by Episode Interactive
86 Remind: School Communication
by remind101
87 Sky Rusher
by Voodoo
88 Bounce Forever!
by Voodoo
89 Word Charm
by WePlay Technologies
90 eBay: Buy & Sell Spring Deals
by eBay Inc.
by Yangcheng Liu
92 Musi - Simple Music Streaming
by Musi Inc.
93 Storm Radar: NOAA Weather Map
by The Weather Channel Interactive
94 Starbucks
by Starbucks Coffee Company
95 ESPN: Live Sports & Scores
96 Walmart – Shopping and Saving
by Walmart
97 GasBuddy
by GasBuddy Organization Inc
98 Huji Cam
by Manhole, Inc.
99 Color Your Call
by Mobimore
100 Twitch
by Twitch Interactive, Inc.