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1 Google Translate
by Google, Inc.
2 Bible
by Life.Church
3 Companion for Fortnite
by Gnejs Development
4 Puzz Quiz
by ZhenZhou Ni
5 30 Day Bible Study Challenge
by iDailybread Co., Limited
by, LLC
7 Social Rocket for Instagram - Get Followers Report
by denghui wang
8 Merriam-Webster Dictionary
by Merriam-Webster, Inc.
9 Urban Dictionary
by Urban Dictionary
10 Ancestry
11 Hair Color Changer Salon Booth
by Guoming Zhang
12 Daily Bible Verse Devotional
by Impressive Sounding, LLC
13 Horoscope - Daily Horoscope
by Jonas Johnsson
14 Whitepages Background Checks
15 Night Sky
by iCandi Apps
16 Muslim Pro: Azan, Quran, Qibla
by Bitsmedia Pte Ltd
17 Word of the day: Learn English
by Unity
18 JW Library
by Jehovah's Witnesses
19 Daily Bible Verse Inspirations
by scott hamilton
20 Bible: Verses, Prayer, Audio
by iDailybread Co., Limited
21 Look Up - Reverse Phone Lookup Number & Caller ID
by Appsverse Inc.
22 Ghost Detector & Radar Tracker
by Jonas Johnsson
23 Bible Gateway
by HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc.
24 Bible by Olive Tree
by HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc.
25 Reverse Lookup
by Orave Technologies (P) Ltd.
26 FamilySearch - Tree
by FamilySearch International
27 Wikipedia
by Wikimedia Foundation
28 Cheats for The SIMS FreePlay Free
by youae zhao
29 D&D Beyond
by Curse, Inc.
30 Maps & AddOns For MCPE !
by Maurya Joshipura
31 Adult Friend Finder - Taboo
by Arseniy Lavrentev
32 Stats Royale for Clash Royale
by Overwolf
33 Blue Letter Bible
by Blue Letter Bible
34 Drive Cloud for iCloud Devices
by Truong Manh
35 Our Daily Bread
by RBC Ministries
36 Daily Bible Inspirations
by Joyverse
37 All Cheats for GTA V (5)
by Cai GuangShao
38 Gospel Library
by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
39 Bible Verses: Daily Devotional Wallpapers & Quotes
by Skol Games LLC
40 FRC Spyder
by DWAB Technology, LLC
41 - Audio Bibles
by Faith Comes by Hearing
42 Dictionary.
by Farlex, Inc.
43 Quran Pro Muslim القرآن الكريم
by Quanticapps Ltd
44 Hunter Companion World Edition
by Sebastian Kruse
45 Likes Track Tag for 1000 Views
by Yiting Wang
46 Oxford English Dictionary 2017
by MobiSystems, Inc.
47 NIV Bible*
by Just1Word, Inc.
48 Logos: Bible study and reading
by Faithlife Corporation
49 MyHeritage
50 Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab
by Cornell University