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Announcing the Brand New Custom Alerts Tool

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And so is Mobile Action…

We often get questions from our customers or potential customers asking that “Why are you different from the other ASO tools? Well, the most obvious answer another ASO Tool will give you is that their data is more accurate, they have more specific tools etc. Well, we could give you the same answer too.

But why state the obvious? If we were to be asked the same question we would answer it in a completely different way.

By assuming that you already know that our data is accurate and we have a wide set of tools, we would tell you that our primary difference is that we are always innovating based on our users’ needs. When one of our users approach us asking about if we could implement a new feature or entirely create a new one from scratch, we see this as an invaluable opportunity to improve ourselves and our product.

We won’t tell you that we can’t do it. If it can be done, it will be done.

As a matter of fact, most of our features were created by a similar story. For example, one of our most recent products,, which is specifically created to manage your Apple Search Ads campaigns and get invaluable insights available nowhere else was actually a request of one of our oldest users.

When we first launched our Custom Alerts product we knew that there was quite more to be added. While it was on our list it wasn’t a high priority until one of our users approached us with some great ideas to add to Custom Alerts. That’s when things got serious. After countless hours of work, long brainstorming sessions and numerous tests we finally had the initial version of our brand new Customer Alerts tool. The next step was to ask some of our users for feedback and adjust the product to their needs.

We even took those suggestions one step further to create one of our most unique products: Custom App Reports. Based on our users’ needs we provide you the option to request to create a custom app reports just like this one:

This example is all about reviews. You can see the most repeated negative reviews for an app. In addition to all that you see on the image, you can also see the countries that leave the most negative reviews to your app.

Basically, there’s no limitation on what kind of Custom App Reports you can get. If you are in need of such a tool reach out to your Customer Success Manager to discuss the details. We can come up with a Custom App Report tailored directly for your needs!

Alright, back to Custom Alerts…

We are proud to announce our updated and brand new Custom Alerts tool which will allow you to have complete control over the changes in the market by getting instant alerts about, let’s say mostly, everything going on in the app market.

So, let’s have a look at what our Custom Alerts tool can do.

Latest Reviews

Our most recent addition to the Custom Alerts product, Latest Reviews allows you to get alerts about the recent changes in the number of Reviews an app gets. You have a great deal of liberty here. You have a wide variety of options when setting alerts for the changes in recent reviews.

For example, You can get notifications when there’s an increase in positive reviews compared to the last day by, let’s say, %5 or by 300 reviews.

So, let’s create an example alert and see what are the steps needed to take when creating a custom alert for changes in Latest Reviews:

First, we select the alert type and the store we want to set the alert for. After that, we select the action type from the drop downs. This can be an increase, decrease, spike or change in the amount of recent positive, negative or all reviews.

The second step is to select the country and decide if you want to track a specific app or a category. Based on your choice you select the app you want to track or you choose the category you want to track.

The third step is to specify the amount type of changes. This change can be in actual numbers or in percents. After that, you specify the amount of change you want to get notified for. Finally, you define a lower threshold. If an app doesn’t meet the threshold, you won’t be notified of changes for that app.

The last step is to specify the frequency you want to get the alerts for. You also can choose the way to receive them. You can get your notifications by either email or directly into your Slack channels!

App Updates

You can track any app in the market and get notified when they launch a new update. If you have multiple competitors and you are already overwhelmed with the amount of data you need to track, getting instant notifications to your email or slack channel will most definitely put you at the top of your competition.

Daily Stats

You can receive the daily stats of your own app as a custom report to either your email or slack channel. This report will show you your daily download and revenue numbers. You will be able to remotely see your apps’ performance without having to access the tool.

Biggest Movers & Biggest Losers

You can get notifications for the daily biggest movers & losers in a category or in the app store in general. Being able to get instantly notified about who is aggressively climbing the ranks in your category or who is falling from grace and creating some space for you to fill will give you the edge you need to be able to stay ahead of the curve. Being able to know the dynamics of your category is most definitely invaluable.

Top Keywords

Get instantly notified when the ranking for the top keywords of an app change. This feature will allow you to have complete knowledge of what your competitors are doing and will allow you to take steps based on their keyword ranking changes. No need for educated guesses anymore!

User Keywords

Track your important keywords and get notified when your ranking changes for those keywords. This is an incredible feature which should be used as often as possible. When targeting new keywords for your ASO strategy you can get instant feedback about how you are doing for those keywords by getting notifications on your ranking changes. This tool will save so much of your time.  

Current Version Reviews

The change in Current Version Reviews is pretty similar to the Change in Reviews but it gives you an extra edge that will allow you to measure the performance of your app or an app of your competitor after an update.

Most of the steps are identical but you have one additional step which allows you to set a  Maturity Interval. You can choose to get the reviews of a new version of an app, for example, after 7 days of its launch to better measure the performance of the new update.

In addition to all of these brand new features, Custom Alerts is much more user-friendly with its updated UI. Custom Alerts is now much more useful and is easier to use.

So, make sure to pay a visit to our Custom Alerts page and set up some truly Custom Alerts to always get the most invaluable data directly to your inbox or your slack channels!

Or if you are in need of a Custom App Report, contact us to tell us what you exactly need and we will make it happen!

That’s all that we have to announce for now! But, stay tuned for any updates as we have much more to come! We are constantly improving our tools and trying to even more features that will carry your ASO strategy to the next level!

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