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Mehmet Can Cavas
Once upon a time, Bitcoin was thought to be just another internet fad, some even thought it was a scam. Today, Bitcoin is thought...
Claire McIntosh
How to increase app visibility: A burning question on everyone’s mind. Who better to look at to educate us than education apps? Here’s how...
Mehmet Can Cavas
If you are thinking about how to promote your app, there are tons of information online. A complete user acquisition strategy for apps should...
Claire McIntosh
Your app's icon is a key component of your App Store Optimization. It can be fun to start designing an icon, but that excitement...
Claire McIntosh
Marketing an app isn’t the easiest task. Whether you are a seasoned mobile marketer/developer or you are just starting, professional help is always beneficial....
Mehmet Can Cavas
App marketing is a tricky game. There are many different factors to consider when thinking about how to promote an app. App Store Optimization...
Mehmet Can Cavas
Due to the fierce competition within app stores and the optimization deficiencies of apps, retaining new users has become a very challenging problem for...
Halime Dogan
Down Dog Yoga became one of the most mentioned names when it comes to yoga during the pandemic. This app is definitely for the...
Claire McIntosh
Another top 10 mobile game apps list ringing in the New Year! This cutthroat category always gives us interesting insights. This category is highly...

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