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Save time with limitless automation options
Unlock endless potential with MobileAction's customizable automation templates, tailored to your goals. Enhance Apple Search Ads campaigns, optimizing across ad placements using over 300+ advanced, AI-powered automations to maximize user value from each install.
Optimize campaign bids using AI
Enhance campaigns with Smart Bidding and reduce acquisition costs through precise keyword bids. Validate keywords swiftly, refine strategies, and control CPA by analyzing performance factors constantly. Set ROAS goals and flexible conditions beyond traditional cohorts for maximum campaign performance.
Optimize ad spend with automated budget distribution
Allocate your budget according to performance metrics with data-driven algorithms to achieve the best possible return without overspending. Spend your budget wisely on your highest-potential campaigns to increase your returns and save time on strategy by letting our models distribute your budget among campaigns, reducing manual adjustments and guesswork.
Maximize ROAS with AI-powered keyword strategies
Refine your competitive edge with the AI-Generated Keyword Advisor. This innovative tool is designed to fetch keywords by analyzing the market, competitors' keywords, and storefront performances. It ensures maximum ROAS by capturing unexploited keyword opportunities with high-scale potential.

What sets MobileAction apart


Campaign management

Custom product pages data

Easy MMP integration

Smart bidding

ASO intelligence

Automatically allocating budget between campaigns

Forecasting for budget options to optimize your campaigns

Ad creative data for 55+ ad networks and DSPs

Insights for all 4 Apple Search Ads ad placements

Market benchmarks

20+ different automation templates

Translation of keywords in bulk

Paid and organic competitive analysis dashboard

Gain the MobileAction advantage


MobileAction is the go-to partner for all things user acquisition, offering insights and solutions for both organic and paid app growth efforts.


Analyze creatives and ad networks using advanced filters. Identify top-performing content, distribution, and optimize based on impressions and clicks.


We offer 20+ automation templates and besides that we also have customizable automations that you can create the one for your specific goals to take faster action.

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Frequently asked questions

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Do you have a solution to optimize and ease and fasten my bidding strategy?
One of our primary tools for optimizing your bidding strategy is Smart Bidding. It continuously refines your bids by analyzing multiple factors 24/7, such as search term performance, conversion data, bid levels, and competition metrics. Additionally, we offer “cost-per-install” and “cost-per-goal” options for bidding, which differs us from other providers.
What does the MobileAction platform offer for managing both paid and organic UA?
The MobileAction platform is designed to assist the management of both paid and organic user acquisition activities. We provide comprehensive insights for both channels and enable strategies that complement and reinforce each other. Our platform is a unified solution that optimizes the synergy between paid and organic efforts. On the organic side, we assist you with different intelligence tools that will enhance your ASO, app visibility or app downloads. You can create a complete keyword pool and do a competitor analysis and strengthen your ad creative strategies. On the paid side, we offer an advanced campaign management platform for Apple Search Ads for easier, faster management with minimal manual effort and enriched data combinations. Gain insights into paid keywords for superior competitor analysis, optimize bids, and consequently boost your ROAS and ROI. Ultimately, our aim is to offer optimization of the complete user acquisition funnel.
Which Apple Search Ads ad placements can I receive detailed insights for?
You can use Search Ads Intelligence on the MobileAction dashboard to gain insights on all four Apple Search Ads ad placements, not just search results. Our solution offers insights to make competitor analysis more detailed and easier at the same time.
Does MobileAction offer AI-based solutions for keyword optimization?
The Keyword Advisor feature utilizes AI to uncover keywords your competitors are bidding on, which you're not, along with top organic keywords that both you and your competitors rank for but aren't included in your paid keywords. Rather than relying on manual keyword searches, we provide a comprehensive list of viable keywords for your app campaigns.
Can I create customized automations?
Of course you can! MobileAction provides a wide range of automation templates that can be tailored to meet your specific needs and goals without limitations. You can easily customize each automation effortlessly to match your preferences.

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