Blog How Apple Search Ads Differentiated Top Charts Yoga Apps

How Apple Search Ads Differentiated Top Charts Yoga Apps

Down Dog Yoga became one of the most mentioned names when it comes to yoga during the pandemic. This app is definitely for the people who feel like everyone else is a yoga expert and they are the only ones left behind. Even though there are plenty of apps that have been popular, this app has a very unique side. 

You can fully customize your yoga experience according to your preferences. These include type, level, or where you want to boost your yoga exercise on that day. Another feature that differentiates Down Dog is that it creates different sequences every time. You never repeat the same thing twice. 

What was Down Dog’s strategy?

We are all sure that Health and Fitness is a quite competitive and dynamic category. We see a variety of different ad networks and different apps can prefer different ones.  Down Dog Yoga prefers Facebook and Instagram as their main ad networks for creatives. Yoga | Daily Yoga app prefers Admob, Unity, and Facebook.

down dog ad networks
yoga daily ad networks down dog

Even these little differences can give us hints about how advertising strategies can differ in a constantly changing market. Your visibility is not only limited to ad networks. The number of creatives, or the number of ad publishers, can also have an effect. The way in which we find an app, surrounding what keywords can also impact visibility.

This is where our SearchAds Intelligence steps in. Since it is a very competitive category, more bidding to related keywords will bring more traffic. 

Yoga | Daily Yoga app is one of the great examples for this case. Because it follows up what their competitors are doing and finding the loopholes wisely. 

In this example above, we see Yoga | Daily Yoga app is bidding on the Downdog brand name. Down Dog does not run any Apple Search Ads activities. This app gets the highest impression rate among the companies bidding for the “downdog” keyword. It also moves them up to 10th in organic keyword ranking. 

This is also an explanation of how Apple Search Ads activities increase organic ranking as well. Apple considers your competitor app to be a better fit. Therefore Apple could possibly consider, increasing the performance of those keywords. 

Having the right insights is essential for increasing your organic ranking and minimizing your cost. If you’d like to follow the path on which keywords will be effective, schedule a demo with us now! 

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