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Mobile Ad Networks – The Big 5

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There is a whole smorgasbord of mobile ad networks currently available. Finding the ideal mobile ad network can be quite a daunting task.  It’s important to choose a network that provides a rich assortment of ad format options and maximizes your eCPM. Picking the right company can dramatically increase you user acquisition.

Here are the top five mobile ad networks, and a brief rundown on their unique benefits. 

mobile advertising networks  


The Google backed platform is unquestionably the largest and most reputable of all the mobile ad networks. The AdMob network is a rich code-centric integration system that allows connection to the three major platforms. AdMob Provides a diverse set of ad format options (standard banner, interstitial, interactive and custom search ads).

They also have great tools to drive user-acquisition with promotional advertisements. Although many networks provide the previously stated options, the thing that really sets this platform apart is the integration of Adsense to measure app metrics. Overall, AdMob seems to be the go-to Ad network to start your search. mobile ad networks

Millennial Media

Millennial Media was one of the first major mobile ad networks. Even though it’s facing increased competition with AdMob and Facebook, it’s still currently one of the largest networks with a robust set of tools for developers. This company offers integration with all major operating systems.

The most impressive selling point Millennial Media has is they enable developers to create Client Campaigns allowing advertisers to compete for your ad space. Their Ad Network Mediation capabilities are also something special. The network mediation allows you to display advertisements from other networks on their platform. Lastly, they offer in-app paid upgrade promotion options and cross-promotional functions for other apps in your portfolio.

mobile ad networks


This company boasts one of the largest and most diverse global networks available. InMobi has a robust system that provides all the ad format options and analytics options that are expected in a major network. However, the huge selling point is its reach. With 759 million users across 160+ countries there are billions of ads shown daily. This reach is important not only for maximizing revenue, but also in the huge potential to advertise your app in their network. It also helps increase user acquisition.’

mobile ad networks


Here is a company that has a creative and effective way to approach mobile advertising. MoPub is unique offers transparent and real-time bidding on ad space with its MoPub Marketplace. This enables more selective targeting for advertisers and increased revenue for both parties. The second factor that really sets MoPub apart, is the full range of ad formatting options. They also have expand ads, interstitial ads, HTML5 ads, ORMMArich media, static images, landing ads, and video.

mobile ad networks


Two words can be used to describe why Flurry is special: Big Data. This company has differentiated itself by heavily focusing on data. This will give you the best understanding of your audience, usage and performance.

With a customer base of over 125,000 developers and data from over 150 billion app sessions per month, you can be sure that this company will give you the best understanding of your app’s performance.

Comment below if you have had experience with these mobile ad networks or others.


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