Blog Top 10 Food Delivery Apps Worldwide for October 2020

Top 10 Food Delivery Apps Worldwide for October 2020

Top 10 Food Delivery Apps Worldwide for October 2020

The above chart shows the Top 10 Food Delivery Apps Worldwide in October 2020 for the App Store, Google Play Store, and both the stores combined. The apps are sorted based on their download estimates from MobileAction’s Market Intelligence Top Apps category.

A quick overview of these apps:

We’re very caught up on much of the apps listed above but for those that can not trace some, we have the pleasure of informing you!

  • Coupang Eats – Rocket Delivery for Food has been up and running since 2019 as South Korea’s e-commerce leader Coupang’s food delivery app. The app is known to benchmark the system of Uber Eats in which they recruit anyone with a vehicle to make the delivery.

  • СберМаркет: Доставка продуктов which is read SberMarket: Dostavka produktov, is an app for home delivery of groceries in the Moscow region, as well as in 36 largest cities of Russia!

  • iFood Delivery de Comida e Mercado translates to iFood Food and Market Delivery and is an app that delivers from restaurants located in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico, where iFood operates through local companies.

  • 饿了么-美食外卖,首选饿了么 which translates to Are you hungry? is called a “must-have” domestic high-quality local life service platform by many in China. Are You Hungry? has hit the top charts on the App Store and certainly is a rising food delivery app.

  • Another confusing one coming right up! 美团外卖-网上水果蔬菜美味不用等 which shortly translates to Meituan Takeaway provides its users with various brand takeaways and gourmet food ordering services. Yum!

  • Here’s one you know oh-so-well, 肯德基KFC(官方版)-宅急送外卖无接触配送. Spot the three magic letters that turn into crisp, fried, and dreamy chicken bites? You got it, it’s KFC in China and the app’s name translates to KFC (Official Edition)- Home Delivery, Contactless Delivery, which is spot on considering the ongoing pandemic.

  • Another name to keep in mind, which may be hard at this point is 叮咚买菜-最快29分钟鲜到鲜得, which shortly translates to Dingdong Shopping, the dark horse in China’s fresh food market. Dingdong Shopping’s order volume exceeded 600,000 in February 2020, which is due to the impact of the epidemic and has created quite the competition in the industry.

The importance of app reviews:

Now that we’ve covered some of the apps above in the chart, let’s talk about the importance of app reviews for the top-rated food delivery apps. It was an obvious guess that successful food delivery apps would see a rise during the pandemic, but let’s check out which app has been outperforming the others worldwide!

Food ordering apps are just under our fingertips. I don’t know about you but I always read through the reviews before making a choice! Does the best performing app necessarily have the best reviews? We’ll see!

You are free to surf through the top apps for both iOS and the Playstore. You can choose the category of the app you’re interested in and the country you want to search for. In this case, we have chosen All Countries to get an overview of food delivery apps worldwide.

If we had chosen the US alone, our graphic would be as below: 

Market Intelligence – Top Apps for the Food & Drink Category (October)

Here we see the top food delivery apps USA, for the food and drink category in iOS. We have another giant name DoorDash – Food Delivery taking the lead when the location is switched to the “US” rather than the “All Countries” option. The DoorDash app has quite the lead compared to UberEats.

Let’s get back on track. Since our #1 app overall is Uber Eats, we can focus on what their reviews are. Uber Eats is one of the top delivery apps in the food & drink category for both iOS and Playstore.

Daily Review Breakdown:

Let’s check out how Uber Eats has performed below: 

Daily Review Breakdown for Uber Eats – October 2020

With an impressive visibility score of 91, Uber Eats has guaranteed its spot. We’ve previously had a great read about the visibility analysis of Uber Eats vs DoorDash back in April. It’s important to understand how to uncover an app’s visibility before moving forward! 

What’s interesting and maybe disappointing about the above image is that the majority of the Daily Review Breakdown, accessed from the App Intelligence – App Profile page, is covered in red. Amazing of a color it may be, red is not the greatest sign when it comes to app reviews. You can spot the Audience Geography and their reviews according to the color codes on both graphics.

View Breakdown:

If we want a more detailed analysis of the ratings and reviews, we have to check the View Breakdown as seen at the bottom of the image above.

Once we click View Breakdown and are on the Reviews page of the App Intelligence feature, we can start digging! 

You will land on the page above once you click the View Breakdown 

On the Reviews page, you can access the Daily Review Breakdown and the Ratings Breakdown to view the selected average rating for the time period you’ve chosen. In this case, it is from October 1st  to October 31st. After you’ve had the chance to view the reviews can export all in just a second. This way you can stalk each and every comment and see the big picture.

1-5 star ratings are color-coded and can be analyzed easily. We want to look further into the comments to see if there is a pattern.

The Review Analysis page is helpful to see the daily review breakdown. There are 1829 reviews on the app starting from the 1st of October until the 31st. 

Most Mentioned Keyword Analysis for Top Food Delivery App Uber Eats: Food Delivery

You can easily choose between negative and positive comments to track down the keywords that have been mentioned the most. This will help you understand why people are happy/miserable about the app and the delivery service. Overpriced, too cold, never even got delivered?

These are what we’re not looking for in our orders. I’ve tracked down the keyword “order” to see which reviews had the word and what they’ve commented on.

Most Mentioned Keyword Analysis

Most Mentioned Keyword Analysis section is very useful if you’d also like to see how many times the keyword has been used in the review and ratings. See below:

The Keyword “Order” from the Most Mentioned Keyword Analysis Section

Once you have a chosen keyword, it is effortless to check how many reviews the keyword has been mentioned in and to what date it has been used. This also calls for a strategic approach. Let’s say you’re trying to spy on your competitor, UberEats. You can collect the keywords you are curious about. If you reach a conclusion about why these comments have been negative or positive, you can change your game accordingly. See a gap that can be filled? An easy spying session will do you good.

Every app has its own mix and match strategies. If you start from the most basic, like tracking down the negative reviews and specific, most mentioned keywords, you will definitely have an image of what seems to be wrong about the app. If it shows that i.e. the delivery is slow and the food is cold, you can track this down and start a creative campaign that will prove you’re better than your competitor. It’s small things that count and make a great difference!

We’ve previously explained how app reviews and ratings affect your ASO strategy and how the Covid-19 outbreak affected the ratings and reviews. Why are we invested in understanding the reviews? Review Analysis is an indispensable part of increasing conversions. Having a good rating and reviews does not only give the green light for the new users to give it a try but indicates superior customer service. There are a number of ways to do review mining, and as you already know, MobileAction has one of the best tools to do it.

Creative Spying on Your Competitors:

Keep in mind that there are several ways to successfully spy on your competitors. I love to utilize is Ad Intelligence. Creatives are extremely important, a great UA strategy will take your app to the next level. What’s important is to spy on your competitor’s latest creatives or the creative trends in a certain category. 

Ad Intelligence Top Creatives for Food & Drink Category

Through Top Creatives you have the chance to see what’s new in the Food & Drink category. Not only do you realize certain creative trends but you can also analyze what other creative actions your competitors are taking. You can even have your compilation and receive instant notifications to your email address the moment your competitor uploads a new creative! Check out how you can take spying to the next level and uncover your competitors’ creative strategies! 

Campaign Analysis:

Campaign Analysis for Uber Eats

You can easily get an overview of the app from the Campaign Analysis page. It’s the ultimate way to see how many ad networks the app is utilizing, which gives an understanding of how much ad spent the app has. You also have the chance to see how their overall advertising performance is. The country and language distribution show you the locations where the app has a distribution of advertisements and if they have localized their ads accordingly.

If you’re wondering about what types of visuals, the number of ad publishers, a total of creative counts, and the number of active creatives for an app, Campaign Analysis is the page for you!

Once you scroll down you’ll be able to view all of the creatives in all their formats. Here’s an example of an add that belongs to Uber Eats:

Video Format In-App Ad Example for Uber Eats

The video above shows an example of an in-app advertisement Uber Eats has been publishing on Youtube. You can see that the language is different and that they have localized it according to the country which is Japan in this case. The title and the subtitles are also according to the country chosen

What’s very helpful is that you can analyze any and all creatives of any app you can imagine. It will give you an idea of what creative strategies they are focusing on and where! It will help you create your own campaign while analyzing the example of another.

To Sum Up:

As an app, Uber Eats is doing fine, but the reviews and the creative stans the apps take are like the gateways between the digital platform and real life. If the strategy does not live up to the standards, or the reviews are constantly a mess, the risk increases accordingly. Sometimes maintaining a name can save you from the harsh reality because no matter what, your brand name will take you further; but other times the app marketing industry may not be as nice as it seems. We’re hard to please, but food is comfort. Almost all of us would like to have the meal they’ve been craving for, guilty is charged! 

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have grown more and more accustomed to utilizing food delivery apps. From fast food cravings to nutritional shopping sprees, food delivery apps have been there for us more than ever. Shout out to these lifesavers, you’re the Bonnie to our Clyde! 

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this blog and are now obsessed with reviews and ratings – just kidding. Our users worldwide are able to see the Audience Geography, Revenue, Daily Active Users (DAU), and Monthly Active Users (MAU). We offer this data as a dashboard in our Market Intelligence and Ad Intelligence Plan.

Curious? Schedule a demo with us, we love strategic approaches and guiding our users in utilizing top-notch data! 

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