Ad creatives are one of the most important ways to tell your story. They’re often the first impression someone has of your app and give you an opportunity to explain your offering to a potential customer. There are many ways to reach users, but mobile video ads are one of the most effective and common ways for businesses to tell stories that connect with audiences. The issue is that the process of crafting video ads can be time-consuming and costly.

You might find yourself in need of a marketing agency to handle voice overs and ad scripts. Additionally, you might not feel confident enough to produce video ads in your target audience’s languages. And then you have to consider making numerous variations of your ads to A/B test for effectiveness. But don’t worry, MobileAction has you covered. From generating a custom ad script to the voice over itself, let’s take a closer look at how MobileAction’s new AdCreative Voice Over product can save you valuable time and resources for new video ads.

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What Is Voice Over and How Do You Use It?

We just mentioned that video ads are one of the great ways to deliver your messaging to your target audience. And voice-overs can help to facilitate these connections by adding a human touch and making ads more engaging. In addition to delivering new information, voice-overs can also lend credibility and make ads more relevant, persuasive.

When ads both show and tell the message, they are more likely to be effective. By using AdCreative Studio’s Voice Over feature, you can upload your video, generate an ad script, and choose a voice that matches the brand’s tone and personality in just a few clicks.

Here is how you can:

  • Upload a video or select a pre-existing video from the MobileAction platform.
  • Once your video is uploaded, simply pick your app or another app and click “Next” to set the tone of your video script. If you’re choosing a video from the library, it will be automatically selected.
  • Next, our tool will utilize your selected app’s metadata to craft a custom ad script and create a voice-over that effectively conveys the app’s key message.
voice over
  • Select the language to be used for both the voice-over and the ad script. Browse through our expansive library of AI voices, featuring different languages and accents, and get an instant audio preview before making your selection.
voice over
  • The MobileAction platform will then generate a captivating ad script. You can also provide prompts to guide the AI in creating a more tailored script. The platform ensures that the text length harmonizes with the video’s timing.
  • Give your video a final review, make any necessary adjustments, and then… your brand-new ad will be ready within minutes! You can proceed to download it and start using it for your mobile marketing strategy.

Where Can You Use Your New Ad Creative?

Create multiple ads based on existing ones

How long does it take to craft an ad using AdCreative Studio’s Voice Over feature? A mere 2 to 3 minutes. Consider the speed and simplicity of generating diverse ad variations from an existing one. All you need to do is alter the language or use AI to generate an alternative ad script that resonates with another target audience. 

One of the most useful concepts of Voice Over is that it allows you to experiment with diverse creatives within your campaigns. This enables you to identify the top-performing options, leading to ongoing use of those winning creatives. As a result, this strategic approach contributes to reducing the CPI, optimizing budget allocation, and boosting overall campaign effectiveness.

Localize your ad creatives to reach different user personas and target markets in different languages

As we discussed earlier, you have the flexibility to select from a range of languages and dialects while crafting your ad script and voice over. This seamless feature empowers you to effectively connect with diverse audiences worldwide. Whether you opt to alter the language or the accent to cater to various countries, the process is straightforward. By leveraging the same video and simply adjusting the language, you can generate a multitude of ads tailored for different markets, thereby expanding your reach to a wider array of buyer personas. Craft a message tailored for California and another for Texas, or design one for Spain and another for France.

For example, if you have a gaming app that is performing in different storefronts. Instead of creating multiple ads for each storefront, you can easily leverage Voice Over to adapt your already existing ad to these storefronts. Precisely target your audiences with language and text that resonate with their unique preferences. Reach specific audiences with specific messaging.

Get inspiration from competitors through Voice Over

This holds particular significance, especially for emerging apps. If you find yourself uncertain about your creative concepts or scripts, there’s a savvy approach to crafting your ads using your competitors’ strategies. Utilize the Voice Over feature on the leading creatives from prominent players in your category. As the Voice Over generates a script, you can seamlessly tailor the text to fit your app and its unique features. This could be an excellent starting point for shaping your advertising strategy.

Key Benefits of AdCreative Studio Voice Over

  • Our platform offers a simplified ad creation process that saves you valuable time and effort. With just a few steps, you can have a professionally crafted video ad ready to go with high-quality voice-overs that enhance your video ads without the hassle of finding and coordinating with external vendors.
  • Quickly and seamlessly generate well-written Voice Over and ad scripts that capture your app’s essence, ensuring your message resonates with your target audience.
  • Expanding your reach to audiences that speak different languages gets easier and faster. Quickly create the same video in various languages, allowing you to tap into new markets.
  • Video production costs can add up quickly, but not with us. By utilizing our Voice Over feature, you can save significantly on production expenses, freeing up your budget for other marketing initiatives.
  • Testing and learning which ad copy performs best for your app is crucial. With our tool, you can experiment with different Voice Over ad scripts to identify what resonates most with your audience, reducing your Cost Per Install.

MobileAction provides comprehensive app store marketing intelligence and seamless AI-powered Apple Search Ads campaign management. Backed by our vast dataset of 5+ million tracked keywords and a library of 70+ million ad creatives from 50+ ad networks, our solutions help you drive more downloads effectively.

If you are ready to take your ad strategies to another level, schedule a demo today to discover more about how Ad Creative Voice Over can improve your business.

This tool is just the first step in the journey of MobileAction’s AdCreative Studio. Stay tuned for more to come.