Blog [UI Update] Dashboard Got Revamped!

[UI Update] Dashboard Got Revamped!

image featuring the ui update of MobileAction

Hey there App Marketers!

At MobileAction, one thing we care about as much as data is how we present it. So, we keep updating our dashboard and work on new ideas every day to deliver you the best user experience. As we gave spoilers in the earlier blog posts, the big day has come! The new UI design is live!

Say Hello to the New Dashboard!

Putting a lot of thought into how the UI can be improved to provide you with the best user experience, we ended up refurbishing the whole design! Now, the menu on the left-hand side is more user-friendly, and navigating among different products has never been this easy! Though we can’t wait to delve deeper into the amazing features of this new update, let us give you a quick reminder: We’re able to come up with all these cool stuff thanks to your valuable feedback. Please do continue to tell us what you think so that we can keep tailoring our products to your liking.

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Minimalism Meets MobileAction’s Dashboard

Although you were able to see all the features of the products in one look in the previous version, we realized that one might get overwhelmed and lost among so many features. Have you also thought that it would be better if you didn’t see the products you’ve never purchased? Well… Your wish is our command! Inspired by the minimalism philosophy, we have combined ease of navigation with a product-oriented focus. The new UI update makes it easy for our users to focus on the product they want and navigate through different products.

Now, the bar on the left-hand side has two parts: one for different products (ASO Intelligence, Ad Intelligence, etc.) and the other for the features of the selected product (Keyword Tracking, Campaign Analysis, etc.). All you need to do is simply to choose the product you would like to use and select the appropriate feature… and done! No more getting confused about the feature you’re using!

Navigate through different products easily!

Realized that My App Insights disappeared? Got worried and still searching for it? Relax, folks! It’s in the “My Account” section at the bottom left. As that part is completely about your own app, you can easily view all the data about it as well as your custom alerts through My Account.

How to access My App Insights

In the previous dashboard, seeing your integrated apps was also tricky. You had to use the Watchlist and change the app you were viewing just to see the download and revenue metrics for your app. Now, you can see all those in “Sales Metrics” under “My App Insights” without having to use the Watchlist.

sales metrics mobile action dashboard
Integrated Apps under My App Insights

Where is the Watchlist?

We all love the watchlist where you add the apps to find them anytime easily, right? But have you realized that it’s a tool we use for ASO only? In order to simplify our dashboard, we moved that feature to the ASO Intelligence product, the place that it is actually used. We’ve also improved the user experience of adding an app and its competitors

How to add a new app to the Watchlist

Go to the menu on the left and click on “ASO Intelligence”. You will see that the “Add New App” button appears. Click on the button and easily add the app you like, and move on to its competitors. Whenever you would like to change the app, click on the app name and choose from the list of previously added apps. So, all the apps you care about and their competitors are visualized in a dedicated place on the dashboard. 

Thanks to the new Watchlist, you don’t have to download your competitors’ keyword list as a CSV file and manually enter them in Keyword Tracking anymore. Simply, search your competitor’s app on Keyword Intelligence or ASO Report to see the keywords they are using. Then, click on the “+ Track” button for the keyword that you would like to add into the keyword list. You’ll see an information pop-up like the one in the image below… and done! Your competitors’ keywords are added to your tracking list, and you’ll see all of them in Keyword Tracking. Say goodbye to the wasted hours of labor work!

watchlist mobile action dashboard
Adding keywords of competitors

Search Bars Got Smarter

Have you realized that the search bar to add a competitor shows you the similar apps instead of popular ones? No more typing the name of the competitors’ apps anymore! You can easily find them in the similar apps list given and even discover some new competitors that you haven’t taken into account so far! Currently, we have started to implement this in Watchlist only, but we’re preparing to bring the same feature live for some other search bars in the dashboard.

Recommended Reading:

smart search bars mobile action platform
Similar apps in search bar of “Add Competitor”

Summary Boards on the Stage!

We’re obsessed with data so much so that we constantly try to predict what additional data might be useful for you. Yet, let’s admit one fact: sometimes we end up engrossing ourselves in data so much that we can’t find what’s actually necessary for us. To solve this issue, we have added summary boards on almost all products. Don’t have time and just came to look for a few numbers? Find them on the summary boards immediately!

For example, in Keyword Research and Keyword Explorer features of ASO Intelligence, the summary board shows you the search score, the chance of your app appearing in the Top 10 for your keyword query, and the total number of apps appearing for that keyword.

keyword explorer mobile action
Summary Board in Keyword Explorer

Another cool example of this is from the Review Analysis page of App Intelligence. Now, you can see some useful metrics such as the average rating of the app, the rating count, and the most mentioned keyword in the reviews at a glance.

image showing the summary dashboard on review analysis of MobileAction
Summary Board in Review Analysis

With the innovative design of the new dashboard, we believe that you will enjoy using MobileAction as much as we do. So, go ahead and check out the new dashboard, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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