– Provides advanced, intuitive video editing tools without needing video production skills. 

– Import existing videos from the Ad Intel library directly for benchmarking or remixing.  

– Precisely trim clips, adjust volume, add/remove sections to customize spot length. 

– Add captions, subtitles or dubbing in multiple languages for localization.  

– Overlay images, text, and emojis as watermarks or visual enhancements. 

– Insert end cards, call-to-action overlays and share buttons for optimized monetization.  

– Export high quality, mobile-ready variants for social and in-app distribution. 

– Leverage AdClip creations A/B testing and iterate based on performance data. 

– Store finalized clips for easy asset management and campaign deployment. 

By empowering non-experts to quickly localize, optimize visual storytelling and monetize foundational video content, marketers gain greater creative flexibility and ROI from owned assets.