– Create custom collections to group relevant competitors, advertisers, publishers by common traits. 

– Add individual apps, developers, campaigns, creatives to collections for easy monitoring.  

– Give descriptive names to different collections to segment research focus (e.g. “Top Gaming Devs”, “Education App Leaders”). 

– Quickly pull up consolidated snapshot reports on collected groups’ performance. 

– Set notification alerts to stay updated on changes in groups without manual checks. 

– Filter searches and unlock additional comparison insights by collating benchmarks.   

– Share collections internally to collaborate findings and strategize collectively. 

By facilitating targeted segmentation and continuous tracking of cherry-picked competitors, this feature empowers: 

– Focused benchmarking on most applicable industry sectors/niches. 

– Real-time competitive intelligence without wasting effort on irrelevant apps.  

– Data-driven decisions through up-to-date consolidated competitive analytics. 

– Streamlined knowledge management and team collaboration.