The ASO Report provides mobile marketers with a comprehensive overview of an app’s organic search performance. It analyzes keyword ranking data to surface key insights. 

The report shows: 

– Total number of keywords currently ranking for at a glance. 

– Breakdown of ranking distribution tiers (Top 10, 20, etc.) over timeframes like weekly/monthly.  

– Ranking trends charted historically to spot fluctuation patterns. 

It then dives deeper with a full ranked keyword list displaying: 

– Each term and current assigned average position.  

– Position changes week-over-week and month-over-month. 

– Long term ranking graph for each keyword. 

With these rankings-based metrics and trends in one place, marketers can efficiently assess an app’s overall organic “health” at any moment. 

They identify keywords slipping in performance to re-optimize as well as newly emerging opportunities. The historical ranking view also reveals seasonal changes to plan for.  

This consolidated ASO Report equips mobile teams with the critical data needed for ongoing optimization through data-driven decision making.