The Creative Analysis feature provides insightful data on an app’s paid user acquisition performance. It reveals: 

– All creatives are currently being run as part of advertising campaigns.  

– Campaign metrics like total impressions generated by each creative. 

– A breakdown of impressions and click-through rates by individual media type used – display, search, social etc.  

– Performance metrics over time like 7 day and 30 day impressions and clicks.  

This granular data on exact campaign assets and channels allows marketers to: 

– Identify highest performing creatives that deserve increased budget allocation. 

– Recognize opportunities to improve underperforming creatives through refinement.   

– Determine most impactful media types drivingscale for future campaigns. 

– Observe fluctuation patterns to optimize ad scheduling and pacing. 

By benchmarking creative strategy effectiveness, marketers optimize user acquisition spend. More impressive campaigns translate spend into more downloads in the most cost-efficient way possible.