The Difficulty Score metric provides valuable insights into the competitiveness of ranking for targeted keywords by assessing factors like: 

– Number of competitors actively bidding and ranking for the term 

– Content depth,freshness and relevance of competitors’ top results  

– On-page and technical SEO strength of leading ranking domains 

– Temporal changes indicating rising/falling difficulty levels 

Some ways marketers can leverage Difficulty Score include: 

– Identifying keywords primed for investment based on difficulty potentials 

– Benchmarking risks of over-optimized or over-bid keywords  

– Evaluating term competitiveness in new markets before expansion   

– Guiding testing strategies through difficulty prediction modeling 

– Informing growth potential assessments of competitive front-runners 

By monitoring Difficulty Score shifts, app marketers gain foresight into organic viability. This adds dimension to keyword portfolio refinements that optimize discoverability through data-backed adjustments tailored to alteration conditions.