What is it?

First-time deposit (FTD) conversion rate is a key performance indicator (KPI) used in the online gambling industry to measure new player acquisition. It reflects the ability of an operator’s marketing campaigns to convert new visitors into depositing customers.

How it works?

The FTD conversion rate shows what percentage of a site’s total unique visitors went on to make their very first real-money deposit. A higher rate indicates greater success in driving those critical first deposits from new players.


The FTD conversion rate is calculated by taking the number of unique visitors over a set period (usually monthly) and dividing it by the number of first-time deposits made in that timeframe. For example, if 10,000 people visited in January and 250 made their first deposit, the FTD rate would be 2.5% (250/10,000).

Beyond the FTD

In addition to conversion rates, casino and sportsbook operators also analyze the average value of initial deposits. They look at second deposit rates as well to gauge customer retention and expected lifetime value. All of these metrics provide valuable insights for optimizing new player acquisition campaigns.