The Keyword Gap tool provides valuable insight into an app’s competitive landscape by comparing keywords. Marketers can see at a glance which keywords they currently rank for versus their competitors.  

Specifically, it identifies: 

– Common Keywords – Terms both the user’s app and competitors rank for organically. This shows overlap in strategy. 

– Competitor Unique Keywords – High-intent, high-volume terms competitors are ranking for that the user is missing out on. These represent actionable opportunities. 

By analyzing these “keyword gaps”, marketers gain a comprehensive understanding of competitors’ stronger and weaker areas. They can determine which queries to prioritize targeting to close the gap. 

The tool also provides metrics like the competitors’ average position and estimated downloads for each keyword. This contextualizes the opportunity size.  

Armed with these keyword gap insights, mobile marketers can now craft a more complete ASO strategy. They optimize their own metadata and structure to encompass keywords driving the most traffic for their peers. This allows narrowing the gap to eventually outrank even the strongest competitors.