The Keyword Position Map in ASO Intelligence takes keyword tracking and competitive analysis a step further by visualizing ranking data on an interactive world map.  

Marketers can select from predefined or custom keyword lists. For each keyword, the tool displays ranking dots right on the map for a user’s own app as well as top competitors. Just a quick glance shows exactly where worldwide opportunities lie to outrank peers keyword-by-keyword, country-by-country. 

Key details are highlighted at both the global and national/regional levels: 

– Ranking trends over time via dynamic date range selection. 

– Hover details call out which app leads for a term in any market.  

– Filtering isolates specific keywords or apps of interest for deeper analysis. 

Armed with these granular, geospatial search insights, mobile marketers can prioritize optimization precisely where it counts the most. They can improve app store page translation, localize niche elements, and focus ASO efforts in the highest intent geographic areas to steadily expand global keyword position dominance. The tool reveals exactly what is required to outrank even the top local competitors on a market-by-market basis.