The Keyword Research tool empowers marketers to expand their keyword strategy through actionable idea generation. It takes a seed keyword as input and produces a wide variety of relevant suggestions through different algorithms. 

Some key capabilities include: 

– Enter a single seed keyword or phrase to search. 

– Uncovers common misspellings, singular/plural forms for more coverage.  

– Surfaces related keywords through semantic and taxonomic analysis.  

– Suggests geographic alternatives using the country picker dropdown. 

– Assigns metrics like monthly searches to each to prioritize volume. 

With these automatically curated expansions on the initial keyword input, marketers gain an extensive list of new potential targeted terms for optimization testing.  

The focused suggestions help marketers think beyond obvious keywords to tap into adjacent demand. They also ensure specialty terms for local audiences aren’t missed. 

Powered by dynamic data sources, this research tool primes mobile marketers with perpetual fresh ideas to fortify their keyword strategy for maximum search potential worldwide.