The Keyword Spy in ASO Intelligence allows marketers to gain valuable competitive intelligence directly from app store pages. It reveals both organic and paid keyword strategies of other developers. 

Some key capabilities include: 

– Scrapes and displays titles, descriptions and keywords from competitor app listings.  

– Shows keywords competitors are currently ranking for organically in search results. 

– Exposes keywords they are running paid campaigns for through ad networks.  

– Surfaces recommended Apple Search Ads keywords to uncover trends. 

With this level of transparency into other apps’ metadata and keywords, marketers can identify gaps in their own approach as well as trends in high performing terms.  

They can leverage competitors’ successful paid keywords to improve organic rankings. Or bid on similar terms to stay ahead in promotional slots.   

This ongoing competitive keyword surveillance allows mobile teams to constantly refine their strategy based on observable tactics driving others’ continuous growth. They confidently enhance listings and define new bidding opportunities ahead of the curve.