The Keyword Translator streamlines the localization of app metadata for global search success. It allows marketers to translate keywords and key elements with the click of a button. 

Some key capabilities include:  

– One-click bulk translation of titles, descriptions and other editable fields.  

– Supports translation into all available app store languages at once for worldwide reach. 

– Integrates trusted Neural Machine Translation models from DeepL and Google Translate for high accuracy. 

– Automatically detects source language to translate appropriately if unknown. 

– Stores original and translated metadata together for easy ongoing management. 

By leveraging this fast, built-in translation service, mobile marketers can significantly expand their reach abroad without extensive localization efforts. 

The optimized localized metadata keeps listings optimized for natural search patterns in each region or country. It maximizes the potential for global installs by ensuring the apps can be discovered worldwide where demand exists. 

Keyword Translator streamlines the process of broadening appeal to a truly international audience through localized ubiquitous searchability.